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Are There Different Grades of Acetone?

If you are in the market for acetone for personal or industrial use, and everything in between, you are probably wondering, are there different grades of acetone? Acetone, like most other chemicals and solvents, has many different purity grades, all of which are designated for different uses. Acetone can contain varying levels of organic impurities, making it less stable, or unsuitable for certain uses. Acetone serves many different purposes from cleaning industrial equipment to solvent uses in personal care products. While for some uses such as cleaning, it doesn’t matter if your acetone contains these impurities, while other uses require a high purity grade for safety purposes. If you are looking to use acetone for any purposes, it is important that you understand the different grades of acetone and their appropriate uses.

Are there different grades of acetone and what are they used for?

  • Technical Grade –  Technical grade acetone contains the highest level of organic impurities. This does not make the acetone unusable, it is just not suitable for most consumer products, and personal care use. Industrial grade acetone is primarily used to clean and degrease metal machinery.
  • Reagent/ACS Grade – Reagent or ACS grade acetone is much purer than a technical grade, being a minimum of 95% free of impurities. This grade of acetone can be used for a larger variety of products, and processes, but is not pure enough to be considered food grade.
  • USP Grade – USP grade acetone is the purest grade of acetone, being 99.9% free of impurities and safe for medical and pharmaceutical use. USP alamo meets the requirements to be considered food grade, meaning that USP of food-grade acetone may be used as an indirect additive ingredient in various food packaging and production processes.

Are there different grades of acetone, and where can they be found?

There are three general grades of acetone purity; technical, reagent, and USP. These grades all serve different purposes and it is important to find the proper grade for your needs to comply with production or industry guidelines. Ecolink is a trusted bulk provider of chemicals and solvents that has years of knowledge and experience to help you find the best chemicals for your needs. If you need more information on the different grades of acetone or are in need of a knowledgeable bulk provider contact Ecolink today!