Aqueous Based Cleaners: 4 Cost Saving Strategies

Aqueous based cleaners are often a good choice for the environment and workers who perform cleaning operations. The water base is friendlier to leaf and limb than many solvent based cleaners. In many cases, this is due to an absence or low volume of volatile organic compounds in the cleaner, which become known as hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) when they evaporate.

Regardless of why an aqueous cleaner is right for your needs, there are at least four cost saving strategies you can use to minimize your investment. Let’s take a brief look at what they are.

1. Purchase in Bulk

When the seller offers a low price for bulk orders, the buyer essentially receives a lower cost for each unit that comprises the large order. Bulk orders are great for big companies and organizations that consistently use a large supply of aqueous based cleaners. They also work for smaller outfits that want to get a great price and store away most of the order to use it as-needed.

2. Buy As-Needed

Speaking of the “as-needed” supply model, it operates quite simply. A stock or custom solvent is matched with the customer’s needs, the customer’s product information (e.g., data for a custom cleaner formulation) is stored, and the customer can then order the product in practically any amount, on practically any schedule.

3. Use a Custom Cleaner

Having a cleaner custom formulated for your unique needs often involves more upfront expense than buying a stock cleaner. However, if a stock solution poses problems to workers’ health and the environment, using a safer, custom solvent may be the most cost effective option, especially considering the high cost of sick days, workers comp claims, and injury lawsuits that may result from using toxic cleaners.

4. Buy From One Source

Some businesses reward frequent customers with special discounts and other incentives. It’s the company’s way of giving something back, while still making sales. We don’t often mention customer rewards when talking about the economics of solvent purchases, but the reward programs can save high-volume users thousands of dollars annually on aqueous based cleaners and other types of cleaning solutions.

In addition, getting everything you need from one supply source fosters a business relationship where the seller is highly motivated to meet the customer’s needs. Great customer service can win customers, but great customers can also promote a high level of customer service.

Shopping for Aqueous Based Cleaners?

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