Aerospace Solvents: Matching Cleaning Operations With Solvents

Aerospace equipment that propels aircraft into the stratosphere and beyond doesn’t have the option of malfunctioning. If it does, and the worst case scenario ensues, the equipment hurtles toward earth at a startling rate of speed, crashes, and obliterates the machinery and crew.

Helping to prevent tragedies like this is why Ecolink has a special line of cleaning solvents designed for cleaning aerospace equipment and related hardware. To select the right cleaners, it’s essential to match aerospace cleaning applications with aerospace solvents that are designed for them. This is what we do in this entry, matching ten Ecolink aerospace solvents with their intended applications, with some product notes included for each one.

  1. Aerokleen

Applications: Ideal to use for removing polysulfide sealants, cleaning away aviation hydraulic fluids, cleaning wheel and brake grime, and cleaning general surfaces

Note: Aerospace NESHAPS compliant and no hazardous ingredients according to the EPA

  1. Ecolink 2005

Applications: Non-flammable solvent formulated for cleaning electrical contacts, electrical relays, and other electrical apparatuses

Note: Available during HCFC-141b transition

  1. Ecolink 3005

Applications: Non-flammable solvent formulated for cleaning electrical contacts, electrical relays, and other electrical apparatuses

Note: Conforms to Boeing D6-17487 Revision P

  1. New II

Applications: Parts washing solvent specifically designed for machine immersion cleaning

Note: Qualified PRF-680A Type II replacement

  1. Positron

Application: Ultra-high purity dielectric solvent ideal for cleaning fuel-related soils from electrical equipment, electro-mechanical equipment, and hydraulic systems

Note: Ideal for both parts washing immersion and spray / wipe cleaning

  1. Safe Strip

Application: Ideal for cleaning paint gun equipment used on aerospace equipment

Note: Excellent replacement for methylene chloride

  1. Hypersolve / Triagen (A)

Application: Formulated for removing a wide range of organic soils from metal, while evaporating rapidly and leaving no residue

Note: Hypersolve available in bulk and Triagen (A) available in bulk and aerosol

  1. Purity

Application: Diverse cleaning agent in wipe form that safely cleans electric motors, windings, breakers, bushings, and bearings

Note: Completely safe and non-toxic, and EPA SNAP approved

  1. VG-151

Application: Perfect for removing adhesives and decals, and removing corrosion inhibiting compounds and hard to remove organic soils

Note: Spray-on gel with no aromatic solvents, chlorinated solvents, or ketones

  1. Vortex

Application: Semi-Aqueous cleaner designed to remove rosin flux, oily film from metal surfaces, and the toughest organic soils, such as tar and asphalt

Note: Biodegradable, with no harmful fumes and all natural ingredients, option to wear low-level PPE

About Our Company

Ecolink supplies environmentally preferred environmentally safe cleaning solvents to companies and organizations around the globe. In addition to supplying readymade aerospace solvents, we accept custom orders to create solutions that meet specific needs. Whether you select a readymade solvent or a custom solution, we’ll provide you with a test sample of the cleaner for free.

To inquire about our products and services, please give us a call today at (800) 563-1305, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to learning about your situation and presenting you with eco friendly options for aerospace solvents applications.