What Is Additive Manufacturing?

If you work in industrial production or manufacturing you may be wondering, what is additive manufacturing? Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing and a huge digital advancement in production in which digital designs are realized and turned into physical objects with CAD software and a 3D printing device. This style of production allows parts and items to be made faster, stronger, and lighter. In additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, the printer uses a heated nozzle and a polymer or resin to build the object layer by layer. These layers of resin then cool and harden creating a usable part or product. Additive manufacturing has become very popular in the world of industrial production, and when using this style of 3D printing, it is very important that you perform regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your machinery free of damaging, resin build up or spills. 

How to Keep Additive Manufacturing Equipment Clean?

In order to avoid damage and keep your 3D printing device running at its most efficient level it is important to clean the printer after use to remove any hardened resin from the surface. Resins and polymers are thick and harden quickly, so you will need to find a chemical solvent that can easily dissolve leftover resin, without harming the printer. The best solution to use for resin removal is IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). IPA is ideal for resin removal due to its strong degreasing properties. IPA will break down and remove resin, leaving behind a clean surface for the next project. IPA is also safe to use on printing equipment. IPA has a high evaporation rate and low water content which will ensure no damage is caused from moisture exposure or pooling.

Need to Buy IPA?

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