Acetone VS Alcohol For Cleaning

Acetone vs alcohol for cleaning, which one is better for your needs? Both isopropyl alcohol and acetone are very versatile chemical solvents that are affordable and can be used for a number of different applications. However, you may be wondering which of these solvents is best for cleaning, and the answer is that it depends on what you are using it to clean. From industrial degreasing and automotive parts cleaning, to sanitizing medical tools and food prep surfaces, acetone and alcohol have a place in almost every industry, but which of these is best for your needs? If you are looking for one or both of these solvents, or expert advice on which solvent is the best option for your particular needs, Ecolink can help.

Acetone VS Alcohol For Cleaning Across Industries:

  • Industrial – Both acetone and alcohol can be used to clean industrial machinery to remove debris after use. Alcohol and acetone have a high evaporation rate, making it perfect for quickly and effectively degumming machinery.
  • Medical – Alcohol is great for cleaning and disinfecting medical tools, in addition to being used to clean and disinfect skin and minor wounds in basic first aid scenarios. 
  • Automotive – Acetone is great for cleaning automotive parts to remove dirt or oil build up.
  • Wood Cleaning – Acetone is a strong solvent that can be used to break down and remove resins and finishes from wood when restoring or refinishing items like furniture or wood floors. 
  • Food Surfaces – Alcohol can be mixed with water and used to disinfect kitchen surfaces and countertops, keeping your home or workplace free of germs that can cause illness.  
  • Paint thinning – Acetone is most commonly used to thin or remove paint from various surfaces in addition to be able to thin and remove lacquers and resins. 
  • Plastics – When cleaning plastics, alcohol is the best choice to effectively clean and disinfect without damaging or breaking down the plastic. 

Want To Learn More About Acetone VS Alcohol For Cleaning?

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