Acetone VOC Content: Understanding Its Role in Cleaning Solutions  

Acetone, or dimethyl ketone, is a popular liquid in chemistry and industries. It is colorless and potent in various industrial applications. This chemical is considered a volatile organic compound (VOC). VOCs are compounds emitted as gases into the atmosphere that can function as solvents and chemical classifications. This blog will explain all you need to know about this power substance and its place in the industrial world.   

Usages of Acetone  

Dimethyl ketone is in a wide variety of industrial and commercial products. This liquid is a solvent in the chemical world, as it is well-known for being an ingredient in cleaning and degreasing solutions. The chemical can effectively remove contaminants from multiple surfaces. Several specific products that contain this effective cleaner are:  

  • Paint thinner  
  • Nail polish remover  
  • Resin remover  
  • Silk degreaser  
  • Ink stain remover

Benefits of Utilizing Dimethyl Ketone in Cleaners  

Acetone cleaning solutions have many notable benefits:  

  • Low toxicity  
  • Relatively safe for humans to handle  
  • Can mix with water  
  • Quick evaporation time  
  • Capable of dissolving both polar as well as nonpolar substances  
  • Is considered a VOC-exempt compound  

What Is VOC Exemption?  

VOC exemptions are pure compounds that the EPA decides to exclude from the VOC definition for regulatory purposes. These compounds react slowly to nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere to create ozone or smog. Changes in VOC-exempt chemicals’ emissions have negligible effects on ozone pollution episodes, as they have low photochemical reactivity. While dimethyl ketone is exempt from some EPA regulations, please be aware that they are not exempt from all restrictions. Manufacturers must follow the rules related to dangerous properties: toxicity and greenhouse gas formation potential.   

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