Where To Purchase High Quality 3D Printer Solvents

3D Printer solvents, like isopropyl alcohol, are used to wipe clean 3D printing equipment after use, as well as clean 3D printed parts before curing. A solvent like isopropyl alcohol that is a  low VOC (low volatile organic compound) and has a high evaporation rate, is ideal for cleaning 3D printing equipment  as it will effectively degrease and clean the equipment without damaging the equipment or causing harm to the user with proper use. This is also an ideal solvent for soaking 3D printings to smooth out resin before curing. As isopropyl alcohol is a widely used solvent for everything from first aid to tech, you want to be sure to find a reliable supplier to provide your business with high purity and high quality isopropyl alcohol. Ecolink is a trusted, environmentally conscious supplier of chemical solvents like isopropyl alcohol, with the ability to provide bulk quantities from 5 – 55 gallons. If your business uses large amount of 3D printer solvents like isopropyl alcohol, purchasing in bulk from a company like Ecolink will not only insure that you receive a quality product, but will help your business save money by purchasing in bulk.

Why Should 3D Printers be Cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol?

  • IPA (isopropyl alcohol) has a very high evaporation rate, which makes this solvent safe to use in the cleaning of various types of tech and electronic components including 3D printers, as damage from moisture is not a risk.
  • IPA is safe for users to handle. IPA is a low volatile organic compound, meaning it is not particularly toxic to humans as long as it is not ingested, and is handled with care.
  • IPA, in comparison to other chemical degreasers and solvents, is very affordable. This allows consumers to utilize a safe, high quality solvent without breaking the bank.

Looking for 3D Printer Solvents?

If your business could benefit from purchasing high quality, eco friendly, 3D printer solvents in bulk, contact us today to find the best product to fit your needs.