n heptane uses

N Heptane Uses 

N heptane uses are vast. Besides being considered a great solvent, n heptane uses include it being a standard-bearer in the testing of the knock intensity in gasoline engines, in laboratory testing for the preparation of reagents, and as a research chemical. Other common uses of n-heptane include but are not limited to, as isomers in solvents for glues, lacquers, and inks, as an industrial solvent for extracting natural gas, in organic synthesis, as an anesthetic, and as ingredients in gasoline and petroleum solvents. N heptane is a standard for octane rating measurement and n-heptane is also a component in trimethyl butane, a known ingredient in aviation fuel. If you are looking for a trusted, bulk provider of N heptane, Ecolink can help. 

Benefits of shopping for N Heptane Solvents with Ecolink 

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  Want To Learn More About N Heptane Uses? 

If you would like to learn more about N heptane, find a bulk supplier, or receive expert advice to help you find the right chemicals and solvents for your applications, contact Ecolink here. Our dedicated staff is available to answer your questions about n heptane uses and more to ensure you receive the best chemicals for your needs.