of Ecolink 2005, SelectFree and Alternatives
The table below can help you evaluate alternatives to HCFC-141b.  Other factors may be added, based on your specific requirements.  The Ecolink Technical Department can help construct technical evaluation tools to support your specific process. Call 800-563-1305 for support.


Product Name Flashpoint KB Value
Vapor Pressure (bulk)
Vapor Pressure (aerosol)
Boiling Point
Pastic Safety*
Ecolink 2005 SelectFree (HCFC-141b) None, per aerosol flame extension test 56 586 mm Hg@20°C 11.3 psi@68°F 89.6°F Safe on some plastics Was exempt
ECC Extremely flammable 30 114 mm Hg@20°C 2.2 psi @ 68°F 204°F Safe on many 100%
Ecolink 3005 None, per aerosol flame extension test 30 496 mm Hg @ 25°C 9.6 psi @ 77°F 97°F Safe on many Partially exempt
Phase III (TCE) None, per aerosol flame extension test 129 59 mm Hg @ 20°C 1.1 psi @68°F 189°F Extremely aggressive on plastics 100%
Positron Flammable 38 .0526 mm Hg @20°C < 1 psi @68°F 348°F Safe on many 100%
Triagen None, per aerosol flame extension test 125 111 mm Hg @ 20°C 2.1 psi @ 68° F 160°F Safe on few 100%

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