USBR Dams Maintained with Electron Solvent & Hypersolve

US Bureau of Reclamation: Electron Solvent & Hypersolve

If you are bidding on any USBR dam projects that specify the use of Electron solvent or denatured alcohol for wiping the rotor of a large hydroelectric generator, please call 800 886-8240 or email

Grand Coulee Dam

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Electron solvent is approaching its 20th anniversary and was originally approved by Siemens-Westinghouse and General Electric for their turbines and generators. We offer denatured alcohol in convenient 5-gal pail container size along with many other commodity chemicals used during the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of hydroelectric generators. However, if you prefer a non-flammable alternative with much more solvency than denatured alcohol or comparable industrial cleaners than we urge you to upgrade to Hypersolve™ as a safe, effective, and best-in-class npb solvent. When paired with Electron it delivers a 1-2 punch that knocks out even the most baked on, caked on dirt and soils.

Electron & Hypersolve™ helped maintain Grand Coulee Dam during Major Overhaul

After more than 10 years of cleaning critical components with Electron at Grand Coulee Dam, the engineers and electrical technicians were seeking a safer and more effective alternative to denatured alcohol. After a series of site visits and product compatibility testing, Hypersolve™ was approved and has been in use for over 3 years.

As recently as August 2009, Electron and Hypersolve™ played a significant role as part of a $2M multi-year contract for Grand Coulee Dam Third Powerplant Unit Overhaul. The six generating units in the Third Power Plant (TPP) have been in service since the mid-1970s. Age-related wear began to create problems, which resulted in increased power outages and reduced reliability.

The overhaul project will ensure continued operation of the power plant and provide a reliable source of hydroelectric power to the region. These efforts, along with Electron and Hypersolve™, will result in improved reliability of equipment; minimizing outage durations, and will reduce the likelihood and magnitude of increases to outage time.

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Grand Coulee Dam Statistics


  • Largest concrete dam and concrete structure in North America with 11,975,521 yd³ (9,155,942 m³) used[24]
  • Total length of dam: 5,223 ft (1,592 m)
  • Length of main dam: 3,867 ft (1,178 m)
  • Length of forebay dam: 1,170 ft (356 m)
  • Length of Wing Dam: 186 ft (56 m)
  • Hydraulic height: 380 ft (116 m)
  • Height of dam from bedrock: 550 ft (168 m)
  • Height above original streambed: 401 ft (122 m)
  • Reservoir Lake Roosevelt stretches for 151 mi (243 km)
  • Average release: 110,000 ft³/s (3,100 m³/s)
  • 4 power plants, 33 generators
  • Installed generating nameplate capacity: 6809 MW [24]
  • Annual energy production: 25 TWh in 2007[25] (varies with annual river flow)
  • Capacity factor: 41.9% in 2007
  • In 2007, Grand Coulee generated the second-most energy among US power facilities, after the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant at 26.78 TWh.[25] Palo Verde has a lower nameplate capacity but operates at a higher capacity factor, giving it slightly more annual output.