high flash point solvents

High Flash Point Solvents – What Are they? 

What are high flash point solvents? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word solvent as,

“ A usually liquid substance capable of dissolving or dispersing one or more other substances”, “2. : something that provides a solution”, “3. : something that eliminates or attenuates something especially unwanted”. 

And the definition of  Flash Point, according to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is,

“The lowest temperature at which vapors above a volatile combustible substance ignite in air when exposed to flame”. 

High flash point solvents are solvents that ignite at significantly high temperatures and are generally considered less flammable. 

Typically, when thinking of high flash point solvents, many people choose kerosene or varsol as two common high flash point solvents. 

At Ecolink we are dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality chemicals and solvents, including a variety of different high flash point solvents, to accommodate your needs. As you can see here in our Ecolink Shop we offer a long list of high flash point solvents in various bulk quantities. This includes products like: 

Benefits shopping for high flash point solvents with Ecolink: 

  •  Bulk Supply –  Ecolink offers bulk sizing for all their chemical products. This includes 5- gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums to accommodate facilities of different sizes and  provide greater discounts for bulk purchases
  •  Knowledge and Experience –  The chemists at Ecolink have over 30 years of knowledge and experience to provide our clients and ensure you choose the best chemicals for your applications while understanding proper use and storage instructions to keep yourself and your facility safe. 
  •  High Quality –  You can trust that the chemicals you receive from Ecolink are high quality, stable, and safe to handle with proper use. 
  •  Eco-Friendly –  In addition to a large list of traditional chemicals, Ecolink also offers an environmentally conscious line of green chemicals alternatives. Ecolink is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the chemical industry and can help you make your practice more sustainable. 

Want To Learn More About Solvents & Find The Best Chemical Products For Your Needs? 

If you are in need of high flash point solvents Contact Ecolink here! Our dedicated team of experts is here to answer your questions and provide you with high-quality chemicals and solvents.


What Chemical Solvents are Used to Clean Oil Tanks?

Oil tanks can be separated into two broad categories: Tanks that hold oil strictly for storage purposes, and tanks that deliver oil to equipment to provide lubrication or supply oil as a primary catalyst for a production process. Though they are used for different purposes, both types of tanks share a similarity: They accumulate oil sludge on the interior and must have it removed to preserve the integrity of the clean oil they hold, regardless of its final application.

Choosing the Right Oil Tank Cleaner
Like oil tanks, oil tank cleaners can also be separated into two broad categories: cleaners that are effective for breaking down oil accumulations but are not officially intended for this purpose, and cleaners that are specially formulated for heavy-duty oil tank cleaning operations, among other types of oil cleaning operations.

Among the first type of cleaners, trisodium phosphate (TSP) and denatured alcohol are popular chemical options. TSP is generally applied at a rate of 1 cup for every five gallons of the tank’s holding capacity until the tank is full. After the TSP is drained, several gallons of denatured alcohol are poured into the tank to remove any oil residue that TSP may have left behind. After the alcohol is drained and the tank is hosed down, it is clean and ready to hold oil.

Among the second type of cleaners are numerous solutions that are formulated to break down heavy oil accumulations. The Emerald HD2 cleaner we supply is a perfect example of these types of solutions. Compared to using TSP and denatured alcohol as oil tank cleaners, using Emerald HD2 offers the following important safety advantages, among others.

  • Less than 5% VOC content
  • Non-flammable
  • No fragrances or dyes
  • No caustic ingredients

In addition to these benefits, HD2 is derived from sustainable resources and contains no chlorine or petroleum distillates — traits that contribute to the Design for the Environment Program (DfE) recognizing Emerald HD2 oil tank cleaner for offering improved health and environmental characteristics. Compared to using TSP and denatured alcohol for tank cleaning, Emerald HD 2 also has the advantage of being the only cleaner you need for the job.

Need an Industrial Oil Tank Cleaner?
If so, using Emerald HD2 has obvious advantages over using TSP and denatured alcohol, particularly its excellent safety profile and its ability to serve as the only oil tank cleaner you need. If you would like to see what Emerald HD2 can do before you use it as your go-to oil tank cleaner, feel free to request a free sample of the product by visiting our Request Sample page.

If you have questions, please call us today at (800) 563-1305 to speak with a solvent specialist. If we find that stock Emerald HD2 doesn’t conform to your specific tank cleaning requirements, we can produce a custom formulation that does the job. We look forward to supplying you with a dynamic, eco friendly, industrial grade oil remover for all of your oil tank cleaning operations. Contact us today!