Isopropyl Alcohol As A Solvent

Isopropyl Alcohol As A Solvent 

Can you use isopropyl alcohol as a solvent?  According to The National Library of Medicine, a part of The National Center For Biotechnology  Information, a division of The National Institute of Health (NIH), they define Isopropyl Alcohol as,

“ an  isomer (any of two or more substances that have the same molecular formula but differ in their  connectivity or spatial arrangement of atoms, or in their topology in macromolecules) of propyl  alcohol with antibacterial properties.”

This essentially means that Isopropyl Alcohol is an additive or solvent that has the ability to provide substances with antibacterial properties. IPA can increase the antibacterial effectiveness of the substances it is added to, producing effective antibacterial cleaning agents such as wipes, sprays, or gels that can be used to sanitize surfaces and hands. 

So, can you use isopropyl alcohol as a solvent? 

Yes it can!  And we have seen this become more and more common during the covid-19 pandemic.  IPA is a particularly good solvent to be used in the production of sanitizing products for a few reasons. Typically viruses differ from infectious bacteria but they do share something in common – how they live outside of their host bodies. 

Typically, both bacteria and viruses live inside a membrane that acts as their protector. These bacteria and viruses can live for long periods in their hosts or on surfaces including tables, benches, handles, doors,  floors, etc. IPA-based disinfectants can effectively break down that membrane killing viruses and bacteria.

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Want To Learn More About Isopropyl Alcohol As A Solvent? 

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