can IPA be used as a degreaser

Can IPA Be Used As A Degreaser? 

Can IPA be used as a degreaser? Yes, IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is a great degreasing agent. IPA has the ability to cut through heavy grime, build-up, grease, and oils, making it a go-to industrial cleaning and degreasing agent. IPA is widely sought after in industrial settings to remove build-up from manufacturing equipment and keep machinery in proper working order after use. IPA is also a great option for cleaning machinery like 3D printers because it has the ability to effectively break up dried resins. 

IPA is also incredibly versatile. In addition to being an effective industrial degreaser, it is also a great cleaning agent, disinfectant, solvent, and a common additive used in manufacturing products for a variety of industries. Another reason so many industries use IPA is because it is affordable and easy to purchase in bulk quantities. If you are looking for a reliable bulk supplier of IPA, Ecolink can help!

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Can IPA Be Used As A Degreaser? Can IPA Be Purchased In Bulk?

Yes and Yes! If you would like to speak with a reliable bulk supplier of IPA, contact Ecolink here! We are ready to help you find the best chemicals and solvents for your needs at an affordable price.