Breakthrough Solvent, Breakthrough Cleaner Buyers – Switch & Save!

Replace Breakthrough® solvent, Breakthrough® cleaner with New II for MIL-PRF-680-Type-II

In 2000, Ecolink Inc (Cage Code 0WU71) introduced New II as an incredibly cost-effective equivalent product for MIL-PRF-680-Type-II to replace Breakthrough®solvent, Breakthrough®cleaner. As a result, the U.S. Department of Defense (and taxpayers) saved hundreds of thousand of dollars while buying thousands of 55-gal and 5-gal containers of MIL-PRF-680-Type II solvent, cleaner.

New II, MIL PRF 680 Compliant with Edge Tek™ Filtration Partswashing Systems

Ecolink Inc. guarantees our product, New II, will clean as well (or better) and offer you a FREE sample to see/smell the difference in pricing but not in cleaning performance. Over the years, we have fielded dozens of calls from concerned end users threatened to have the warranty voided from Inland Technology’s Edge Tek™ Filtration, Partswashing System. Ecolink Inc was not and is not intimidated by Inland’s threat and stand by our products. We 100% guarantee New II will not affect Inland’s Edge Tek™ Filtration, Partswashing System and have not had a ‘single’ incident reported in over 10 years.

Inland Technology Inc. enjoyed uncontested business for a long time before Ecolink showed up and moved their cheese. Their response? Set up another company, Diffusion Technology, and lower their price to ‘fair’ market value for a few minor spot buys. Diffusion Technology Cage Code is 1VBR9. Inland Technology Cage Code is 0K209.  EXACT same address, city, state just a different phone number. Busted!

Search to see for yourself. Simply search award history by cage code or NSN:

6850-01-474-2316 for 55 Gal. Drum

6850-01-474-2317 for 5 Gal. Pail

6850-01-378-0698 for 15 Gal. Drum

New II and BREAKTHROUGH®  both qualify for MIL-PRF-680B. New II qualification number is DS-0004, BREAKTHROUGH® qualification number is DS-0005. It’s all available on-line. Anyone east of the Mississippi River will save 2 days (minimum) + a bunch of $ shipping AND enjoy live, in-person technical support to review cleaning process to maximize chemical life cycle in order to reduce expensive disposal fees.

Breakthrough®solvent, Breakthrough®cleaner Summary

As cited on

“BREAKTHROUGH®is a benzene free, HAP free, state of the art solvent designed to help users break out of the tangle of regulations regarding emissions, disposal, and industrial health hazards. BREAKTHROUGH®is a virtually odorless, low toxicity, high-purity hydrocarbon that exhibits a very low degree of irritancy to the eyes and is non-irritating to the skin. It has low vapor pressure to control volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, is non-carcinogenic, and is not regulated under SARA, Title III, Sections 302 or 313, CERCLA, and RCRA requirements. BREAKTHROUGH®has no listed components and no characteristics of hazardous waste per the EPA; and worker exposure is not regulated by the OSHA Z-list.”


·            BAC 5750 – General Solvent Cleaning on Boeing Aircraft.


· CP 2011 – approved for all aircraft engine cleaning applications calling for PD-680 Type I and Type II.


· C04-002 – approved for all engine cleaning applications calling for PD-680 Type I and Type II.


·            PMC 9001 – approved to Engine Cleaning Specification.


· approved for all engine cleaning applications calling for PD-680 Type I and Type II.


· Part Number 2110-07015 – General solvent cleaning on Bell Helicopter Aircraft.


· Part Number 08UTC-40588 – General cleaning on Sikorsky Aircraft.


· PRO-ACT SS Talk Edition 31, Dec 96 authorizes as MIL PRF-680, Type II.


· “Based upon favorable toxicity, regulatory and use data; a toxicity clearance is granted for BREAKTHROUGH®use as a degreasing solvent.” U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine, 28 January, 1997.

· APC Tech Message #92 authorizes BREAKTHROUGH® Type I and Type II for cleaning U.S. Army Weapons, Ground Vehicles, Equipment, and Aviation an Environmentally Compliant Replacement for PD-680

· TACOM – Meets Military Specification for MIL PRF-680, Type II.

· TACOM – ACALA Maintenance Advisory Message No. 97-17, authorizes BREAKTHROUGH®for use on all small arms and aircraft armament systems.

· TB 43-0135 – Recommended substitute for ozone depleting substances used on communications-electronics equipment.