Why Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are Important

Even though the word is getting out concerning the harmful effects of industrial cleaners, groups such as the Air Quality Management District feel it is not spreading fast enough. In a time where everyone to some degree, should be doing their part to make changes to their daily habits that could benefit the environment and the health of our planet, it comes as a shock to many at the AQMD that people are still so freely willing to expose themselves to harmful chemicals when there are cleaning materials with safe heavy duty solutions.

The harmful chemicals that emanate from these products are known as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. VOCs harm the planet, the environment, and anyone who comes into contact with the noxious gases. Exposure can lead to long lasting effects, even death from too much exposure. What the AQMD wants to do is make sure companies and people know that there are green alternatives that produce Low VOCs. Low VOC Cleaners are now on the market, and if you have not already made the switch, you should right away and promote ecofriendly alternative cleaners.

The difference in the VOC emission is so significant that the AQMD estimates that the clean air index can be significantly reduced, and smog in many of the metropolitan cities that deal with this thick grotesque air could see elimination of the noxious cloud. The AQMD, along with several other concerned organizations are trying to make it mandatory for companies to switch to Low VOC Cleaners, since it does not require significant increase in expense. As a matter of fact, almost all of the green alternative degreasers and cleaning solutions are cheaper than their harmful predecessors.

These environmentally conscious organizations believe that fining companies for the continued use of harmful chemical emissions should be instituted. Considering the need to preserve our environment as best we can, coupled with an actual savings in overhead by switching to a green alternative cleaning solvent, and it is hard to argue against the mandatory change and fines for not being compliant.

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