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High Flash Point Solvent: Advantages and Industrial Applications  

High flash point solvents are substances that ignite at significantly high temperatures. These chemicals can be utilized by manufacturers for various products and tasks. However, they also come with disadvantages. This blog will cover several advantages of utilizing solvents with high flash points and a few solvent options Ecolink has to offer.   Advantages    Solvents, or […]

Chlorinated Solvents vs Non-Chlorinated Solvents: A Comparative Overview

Solvents are substances utilized by multiple industries for diverse applications. Non-chlorinated and chlorinated solvents are two examples among many others. Despite their similar makeup, they possess different purposes. This blog will explain the differences between the two and what we have here at Ecolink to offer.   A chlorinated solvent, or organochlorine, is an organic solvent […]

Non-Chlorinated Solvents: Safer Alternatives for Industrial Cleaning  

Solvents are essential ingredients in industrial-grade cleaning supplies; these versatile substances come in various classifications and structures. However, as vital as they are, they can encourage the risk of several health risks to human and environmental health. One classified solvent possessing this risk is non-chlorinated solvents.    This blog will explain the depth of these solvents […]

Chlorinated Solvents Health Effects: Understanding Risks and Precautions  

Chlorinated solvents or organochlorines are organic solvents bonded with chlorine atoms. They are generally utilized as raw materials in product production and act as intermediates in synthesis or byproducts. Two organochlorines you might recognize are carbon tetrachloride and methylene chloride. However, these solvents come with various health risks to consider before utilizing them. This blog […]