Chlorinated Solvents vs Non-Chlorinated Solvents: A Comparative Overview

Solvents are substances utilized by multiple industries for diverse applications. Non-chlorinated and chlorinated solvents are two examples among many others. Despite their similar makeup, they possess different purposes. This blog will explain the differences between the two and what we have here at Ecolink to offer.  

A chlorinated solvent, or organochlorine, is an organic solvent bonded with at least one chlorine atom. Organochlorines are associated with numerous health risks that manufacturers should be aware of, such as internal organ damage and eye irritation. If frequently exposed, these risks can lead to serious illness. Wearing personal protective equipment, or PPE, is essential to ensuring your own health and safety. Also, most organochlorines are non-flammable. Examples of some organic solvents include:  

  • Carbon tetrachloride  
  • Chloroform  
  • Dichloromethane  
  • Tetrachloroethylene  

Solvents That Are Not Chlorinated  

In contrast, a non-chlorinated solvent is an organic solvent not bonded with a chlorine atom. These organic compounds are more environmentally friendly alternatives than solvents with chlorine. Unfortunately, most of them are flammable, so you must ensure they do not come in contact with ignition sources. Some examples of non-chlorinated solvents include:  

  • Toluene  
  • Acetone  
  • Ethylene glycol  
  • Cyclohexanone  

Why You Should Buy Your Solvents From Ecolink?  

While many chemical suppliers exist, customers who purchase chemicals from Ecolink have multiple advantages that you should consider. Ecolink offers customers a variety of benefits:  

  • Bulk Sizes: Ecolink can supply chemicals to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need 5-gallon buckets or 55-gallon drums, we provide it!  
  • Expert Team: Our expert team can help you find the right chemical for your industrial task the first time around. Custom blends are also available for businesses that cannot find what they need in our extensive shop.  
  • High-Quality Products: We have provided high-quality chemicals to new and returning customers for over 30 years. 
  • Focus on Environmentally Friendly Options: Our company supplies environmentally preferred chemicals nationwide and internationally. Several products in our shop are biodegradable and have safer chemical alternatives. 

Interested in Purchasing Solvents?  

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