Exploring Chlorinated Solvents Uses in Industrial Applications  

Chlorinated solvents have an abundance of uses in industrial applications. They are a chemical compound made up of two carbon atoms and at least one chlorine atom. The structure of these solvents is what allows the compound to absorb organic materials making them quite useful for a multitude of different applications. This blog will discuss different uses for chlorinated solvents and how these uses affect the many products that they aid in producing.  

What are chlorinated solvents used for?   

Commercial uses of chlorinated solvents are in various areas, such as metal working. There are also multiple industries that utilize these versatile solvents:   

  • Healthcare Industries  
  • Home Care Industries  
  • Transportation/Mobility Industries  
  • Electronics Industries  

The healthcare industries will use chlorinated solvents (such as methylene chloride) in the manufacturing of common pharmaceuticals such as:  

  •  Antibiotics  
  • Cholesterol treatments  
  • Flu vaccines 

Home care industries will use the chlorinated solvent carbon tetrachloride to manufacture refrigerants that keep several interior spaces cooled during hotter months.   

Chlorinated solvents (such as perchloroethylene) are used in the transportation industries. This chlorinated solvent is used to protect both aerospace and automotive parts. It is also used as a catalyst in the production of high-octane gasoline.   

Lastly, the electronics industry will use these solvents (such as chloroform) to create the high-tech, heat-resistant insulation used for wires. This chlorinate solvent can also be used in the production of heat and corrosion-resistant linings for pipes and reactors that are often used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.   

Looking for more information about chlorinated solvent uses?  

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