Wood Alcohol Uses

Wood Alcohol: Properties and Applications in Various Industries  

Wood alcohol is a chemical with numerous names. One of the names that is used to refer to it is methanol. This alcohol is also known to possess a simple chemical formula: CH4O. This blog will discuss the properties and various industrial applications of this alcohol.   

What are some properties?  

This alcohol is a highly poisonous compound if ingested. It is known to cause blindness and can lead to death. Some of the basic chemical and physical properties can be found below.   

  • Colorless Liquid  
  • The boiling point of 64.96 C or 148.93 F  
  • Solidifying point of -93.9 C or -137 F  
  • Explosive in air  
  • Burns with a nonluminous flame  
  • Forms homogeneous mixtures with water  
  • Odor like ethyl alcohol  
  • Intoxicants of alcoholic beverages  
  • Strong poison  
  • High-octane, clean-burning fuel source  

Methanol has become a valuable substance in various industries due to these properties.  

What industries use wood alcohol?  

It is common to find this type of alcohol being used in industries such as:  

  • Automotive   
  • Solvent   
  • Cosmetics   
  • Agricultural  
  • Building   
  • Fuel   

The automotive industry commonly uses methanol to create antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. This alcohol can also be used as a general solvent; however, it is often used as an additive in paint thinners. Its use in the cosmetic industry is as a perfume additive.   

The agricultural industry uses it to produce pesticides since this alcohol is an essential ingredient in formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is also crucial in the building industry since it is used in glues as well as wooden building materials  

Lastly, methanol has become a detrimental compound in the fuel industry. This alcohol is a high-octane yet clean-burning fuel source. It can be found in rocket fuels and various other fuels. There have been recent advancements in replacing gasoline in automotive vehicles with methanol.   

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