Zoe Laub Internship

Zoe’s Internship Experience

As an English major specializing in Creative Writing, I often faced judgment from peers and older adults in my life for not picking what they would call a more lucrative area of study. Although I respect teachers and have experience as a writing tutor, my passion has always been writing for an audience to further a mission. I knew from my past internship and my time spent writing for various topics and styles that writing copy would be an excellent position for me, despite the doubt presented by outside parties.

Ecolink’s remote structure and friendly, accommodating team made the experience even better; we even received an email from Brandon, the CEO, at the start of our internship letting us know to reach out whenever we’d like. Although I did not have experience in chemistry or the chemical industry, my internship with Ecolink solidified my opinion that writing copy will always be about research and execution.

What Zoe Learned

Within about two months, I simultaneously learned and wrote about:

  • Chemical regulations
  • Atomic structure
  • Various solvents and their uses
  • The History and Science of Extraction
  • Roof maintenance
  • Power washing chemicals and application
  • And much more

Our company leader, Carolyn, taught us so many lessons on SEO Writing, Google Analytics, WordPress, keyword research, product naming, and, most importantly, how to capture the attention of our readers. What people want most when they search the internet are answers, and why not work to ensure Ecolink clients can get information directly from their chemical supplier?

My favorite part of my internship was researching and writing about eco-friendly alternatives, both for chemicals and daily practices. My Earth Day blog, which focuses on riding public transportation in Los Angeles as a way to celebrate the Earth, was such an excellent opportunity for me to channel my passion for eco-friendly solutions and writing.

Zoe’s Internship Final Thoughts

Although only an intern, my experience with this company made me feel genuinely valued as a member of the Ecolink team. We even pitched ideas about how the company could celebrate Earth Day and received the company Earth Day T-shirts in the mail. If you’re wondering if you should apply for an internship position with Ecolink, I could not give you any answer other than an enthusiastic YES!

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