Valerie’s Internship Experience

Now that the spring internship is coming to an end, I am reflecting on all the skills I have learned and the connections that I’ve made while interning for the company. Before this internship, I knew very little about SEO and did not have any formal experience with writing outside of academics. Learning about the utilization of SEO has been fascinating to me, especially how much it can increase traffic and benefit a blog/company.

How Did Valerie Contribute?

Writing blogs and doing research for Ecolink has also been very exciting, mostly because of my interest in chemistry and sustainable chemicals. I immediately knew I wanted to work for the company when I realized that they are prioritizing the manufacturing of chemicals that are progressive in terms of environmental harm and worker safety.

Valerie’s Internship Final Thoughts

This internship has provided me with valuable experiences and knowledge that I know I will utilize in my future career. I am very excited to continue the internship in the summer as well.

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