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Welcome to our internship resource page. If you’ve already been hired or want to start the application process, you will find everything you need here.

Current Internship Opportunities

Now seeking creative digital marketers for Spring of 2022 to share in the following:

  • Update and Generate New Website Content
  • Explore New Social Media Platforms
  • Research Online Selling Platforms
  • Research New Products
  • Shopify Platform
  • Site Navigation Review
  • SEO for digital marketing

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Intern Requirements

  • Must have access to internet and a reliable personal computer.
  • Must be able to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week for fall and spring internships.
  • This internship is currently remote, but may require in person communication when safely possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these are paid positions, but can also be completed for class credit based upon your college or university’s requirement.

The time of year you participate will determine the hours required. Summer interns often work 40 hour weeks, but the fall and spring interns worked 10-15 hours based upon their individual schedules. If you cannot commit to 10 hours of work per week, this internship will not be a good fit for you.

Possibly for signing initial tax forms and non disclosure agreements if you don’t have or want to create a free e-signature account. All other work will be transmitted digitally.

Intern Blogs


Melody’s Internship Experience

Who Am I? My name is Melody Weckel Confer. I was a Digital Marketing Intern with Ecolink Inc. during the Summer of 2018. This was my first internship and Ecolink was the ideal company to work for. My director supervisors and my intern co-workers were extremely helpful and collaborative. I have gone on to recommend […]

Suraj Blog

Suraj’s Internship Experience with Ecolink

I definitely feel that my Digital Marketing Internship met my expectations. I was able to do everything that the description on Chegg detailed and more, all the while learning beneficial information on SEO and various e-commerce practices which I definitely see myself applying in the near future. This internship is all I could have asked […]


EcoLink Internships Blog Post

Clicking that link and filling out that form was nerve-wracking; it’s scary thinking you’re unqualified or not good enough, but I’m glad I went through it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I had recently gotten out of a bad internship, and I was happy I did because I would’ve never found EcoLink had […]