What is the ZWBA?

USZBC Brandon Pelissero ZWBA Certificate-600Environmental and health safety organizations have developed over the years, alerting businesses about the alarming rate of waste that is produced. The rising of these organizations stem from the research and the growing increase of available information regarding how truly harmful waste has become from businesses, and how it negatively impacts both people and the environment. One such organization, known as the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC), has developed what is called the Zero Waste Business Associate (ZWBA) certification system. This systems works toward training professionals so they can help businesses achieve a “Zero Waste” standard, as well as to help get the companies’ facilities certified as Zero Waste, according to the USZWBC Scorecard Certification System. Companies that become certificate holders will obtain a practical understanding of the most current Zero Waste business principles and practices and USZWBC policies and processes, as well as the ability to demonstrate a clear and concise commitment to professional growth concerning the advancement of Zero Waste policy.

Companies that wish to become Zero Waste Business Associates through the USZWBC will earn their credentials by submitting the following: an application, attending the ZWBA Scorecard Training 101 Course – which was previous called the “Become a Certified Zero Waste Business” Course – and is a six hour course, paying all applicable fees, and passing a computer based exam, which is comprised of randomly delivered multiple choice questions. Once certified, the role of a ZWBA member is to implement Zero Waste programs and help others become aware of the program, prepare businesses for the USZWBC Zero Waste Business Certification training program, and assist businesses through the entire certification process. Note: certified ZWBA members do not conduct certification audits, trainings, or any other business affairs on behalf of the USZWBC.

In a brief summation, the following lists the steps on how to earn a Zero Waste Business Associate Certificate:

  • First, you need to fill out the application form.
  • Participate in the six hour training course.
  • Take, and pass the subsequent test that follows the training course.
  • Make sure you are up to date in paying all of the certification costs.
  • When it is time to do so, get your certification renewed.

More information concerning all related materials about the ZWBA can be attained from the USZWBC website, including a more comprehensive detailing of the steps mentioned above, the advantageous to becoming a ZWBA certified member, along with more information regarding the ZWBA, and everything it entails. Any additional questions can be answered by either an Ecolink professional, or a representative of the USZWBC.

Ecolink is fortunate enough to have one of only two certified ZWBA professionals in all of Georgia. Brandon Pelissero successfully completed the course in July of 2014. This certification adds to the many skills Ecolink employs to help their clients minimize chemical usage, maximize their cleaning budget and create an enviromentally friendly approach to industrial cleaning. Call today 800-563-1305 to begin your journey to zero waste harmony.