What is ACS Grade Alcohol

What is ACS Grade Alcohol?

If you are researching bulk alcohol for manufacturing, you will want to know, what is ACS grade alcohol, and what is it used for? Like most other chemicals and solvents, there are various grades of alcohol, with varying levels of purity, that have different uses. Alcohol or IPA serves a multitude of different industries and purposes. The lower grades of alcohol that contain higher levels of organic impurities can typically only be used for industrial purposes, while the highest grade of alcohol, containing less than 1% or organic impurities is safe for human use and even food production. Depending on what you are using alcohol to clean or produce, there will be various industry standards or guidelines you must follow to comply with safety regulations. For this reason, it is very important that you understand which grade of alcohol is required for your needs.

What is ACS grade alcohol and what is it used for?

ACS grade alcohol has a minimum purity level of 95%. This means that ACS grade alcohol contains less than 5% of organic impurities and can be used for many products and industries.

  • Disinfectant – ACS grade alcohol can be used to produce various disinfectant cleaning products or hand sanitizers.
  • Antiseptic –  This grade of alcohol can also be used in first aid antiseptic products to clean minor wounds and rescue the risk of infection.
  • Pharmaceutical – ACS grade is also suitable for the production of pharmaceutical products.
  • Scientific Experimentation – ACS grade alcohol also meets the requirements to be used for scientific experimentation that involves the use of biological matter.  

Need ACS grade alcohol?

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