What Are Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

What Are Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits?

Food grade hydrogen peroxide serves many purposes across many industries including medical treatments, personal hygiene, and even food production, so you may be curious about food grade hydrogen peroxide benefits. Some key food grade hydrogen peroxide benefits include disinfecting, whitening, sterilizing, and the extension of shelf life for certain food products. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is also used in the production of health and personal hygiene products, due to antiseptic and bleaching properties. Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is 35%, a much stronger concentration of peroxide than typical 3% peroxide that most people are familiar with, used for minor first aid purposes

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits and Uses

  • Oral Care Products – Food grade hydrogen peroxide is used in the production of many oral hygiene products including toothpaste and mouthwash. This grade of peroxide has strong bleaching qualities in addition to its ability to kill germs and bacteria, which is why it is used for products that clean and whiten teeth.
  • Food Preparation – Food grade hydrogen peroxide can also be diluted and used to prepare meat and poultry marinades, in addition to being used to clean vegetables, which helps to extend the shelf life of produce.
  • Cleaning – This 35% concentration of hydrogen peroxide is a very strong disinfectant and can be used to clean and sanitize a variety of different surfaces including countertops, cutting boards, bathroom surfaces, sinks, and so much more.
  • Medical – Many people also use food grade hydrogen peroxide to treat different ailments such as warts, foot fungus, ear infections to name a few.

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