what is a humectant

What Is a Humectant

What is a humectant? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the term Humectant as “: a substance that promotes retention of moisture”. There are several different chemicals that can be used as humectants including Ethylene Glycol and N-Butanol. Ecolink is a trusted bulk chemical supplier that provides a variety of high quality chemicals that can be used as humectants. 

What are humectants used for? One common humectant is n-Butanol product which is an alcohol produced by the fermentation or petrochemical process of sugars derived from corn. It is a colorless liquid with medium level volatility. N-Butanol with its inherent humectant properties is found most often in numerous differing beverages and food products. The use of n-Butanol in food products as a humectant is considered a safe. This chemical helps food and beverages retain their moisture. Ecolink’s N-Butanol product has many other uses apart from food and beverages. Other humectant uses of n-butanol include:

  • Additive in polishes and cleaning agents 
  • Additive in artificial flavoring 
  • Fuel Additives
  • Cosmetics production and manufacturing 
  • Humectant for cellulose nitrate 

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What is A Humectant and Where Can Your Purchase In Bulk?

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