non flammable solvent cleaner

Non Flammable Solvent Cleaner

Non Flammable Solvent Cleaner is generally considered the safer option for cleaning applications when compared to other solvents with lower flashpoints. The use of non flammable solvent cleaners eliminates the chance that a small spark might cause an emergency situation that could get out of control quickly, putting your facility in danger. 

Many industries like to use non flammable solvent cleaners to clean and degreasers in industrial applications.  No matter what field you are in, safety is always a top priority, and choosing the right chemicals for your particular needs plays a large role in protecting your business and employees. Industries including aeronautical, automotive, military,  manufacturing, maintenance, and utility all have a need for high-quality solvent cleaners and desire to protect their team. If you are looking for a high-quality non flammable solvent cleaner, Ecolink can help. 

Ecolink supplies a variety of non flammable solvent cleaners that are preferred by many industries as they are highly effective and safe to use with proper handling. 

Benefits Of Ecolink’s Solvent and Chemical Supplies

  • Bulk Sizing – Ecolink has been a trusted bulk supplier of chemicals and solvents for over 30 years. They offer quantities from 1 – 55 gallons to accommodate practices of all sizes ensuring you have enough of what you need on hand at all times.
  • Affordability – With bulk sizing comes the added benefit of bulk pricing. Buying in bulk allows for added savings, keeping your overhead and maintenance costs low.
  • Knowledgeable Staff – Our Chemists and experts have decades of experience, working with diverse clients to provide the best-suited chemicals for their applications. If you have questions or need assistance with selecting the right chemicals for your need, our team is here to help.

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If you are looking for a high-quality non flammable solvent cleaner Contact  Ecolink here! Ecolink is ready to help you find the best chemical and solvents to suit your needs.


Industrial Solvents – Finding Greener Alternatives

A solvent is a type of liquid capable of dissolving another substance without becoming chemically altered itself. Industrial solvents are organic or inorganic compounds designed to dissolve, carry, or disperse unwanted contaminants from the surface of equipment, floors, or parts. These contaminants can be a solid, gas, or another type of liquid depending on what is being cleaned. Many cleaning agents are dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment when handled or disposed of inappropriately. Absorption through the skin often leads to rapid entry into the bloodstream and harm to the central nervous system or individual organs such as the kidneys. Additionally, numerous industrial solvents are not biodegradable and their release into the atmosphere results in direct environmental harm. Non-biodegradable products have become a major contributor to air, water, and soil pollution, which directly affects every living organism in the immediate area. Businesses requiring industrial solvents to accomplish daily tasks should seek greener alternatives to prevent individual harm and pollution.

Why Is Switching To Eco-Friendly Products Important?

The decision to use eco-friendly industrial solvents allows a business to decrease their carbon footprint, experience financial gains, and create a better company image. Environmental Protection Agency regulations for toxic contaminant removal agents have increased tenfold and companies using eco-friendly industrial solvents are more likely to meet these stringent requirements. Biodegradable, eco-friendly products offer the most cost savings for waste removal; however, this solution does not work for every company. Switching to an environmentally friendly solvent will supply a noticeable cost reduction for waste removal. The change also allows a business to develop emission credits, which boosts the bottom line and makes it possible to trade with companies in need of these credits. Finally, greener alternatives lessen the risk of dealing with lawsuits related to individual or environmental exposure to toxic materials.

Solvents are frequently used by businesses to create products, clean or degrease machinery, prepare surfaces for finishing processes, or to facilitate chemical reactions. These products create a dangerous setting for workers and pose harm to the environment. Organic solvents are toxic to the handler or when inappropriately released into the atmosphere, soil, or water. Certain industries such as aviation require traditional products to remove contaminants from heavily oiled parts, hard to dry items, or pieces with complex shapes. Electronics require specific material compatibility to avoid harm or a non-corrosive solution. Companies without these requirements are able to switch to greener alternatives capable of providing the same results without the toxicity concerns. Eco-friendly practices not only reduce process costs, but also make it easier to conserve energy. A business should begin by evaluating greener alternatives in regards to their capability of supplying equivalent results. Innovations have made this switch less costly, more reliable, and basically worry free. By making the decision to use greener alternatives, companies can create a safer working environment and drastically reduce operational costs while ensuring a better future for the planet.

Industrial solvents are necessary in a number of industries and play a pivotal safety role. For more information about environmentally friendly, low VOC products, please call (800) 886-8240 or email

Degreasing Agents – Eco Friendly Solutions

safety solventsDegreasers are a key solution for those whose enterprise works heavily in industry. Degreasing agents are chemical compound solutions that are used to dissolve dirt, oil, grease, rust, stains, and any type of sticky or adhesive leftover residue from a metal, part, or material. They are integral in the industrial process, as a part cannot be used unless it is free from substances that could negatively impact the way those materials are supposed to operate and function. Business owners know all to well how dire a reliable and effective degreasing agent is, and that is why, even though there is a worldly push for companies to find and incorporate eco friendly solutions within their business, business owners are afraid to change to something that might not work. If a business owner has to shut down operation because a part of material is not working they way it should, abysmal ramifications are soon to follow, all of which will seriously hurt production and revenue. For those quick to judge companies who have made the eco friendly switch, think about what would happen if you had a business, and it was shut down because you made a change in the daily operations when everything was functioning properly before the transition. It is entrepreneur suicide.

Green Alternative Degreasing Agents

This is why industrial solution companies such as Ecolink are thriving today. Ecolink can help an industrial business owner every step of the way – providing information on green alternative degreasing agents, finding the exact eco friendly cleaning solution that will continue the success of your operation, and continue to provide support in the event that assistance is needed in the future. Ecolink has been helping companies transition to eco friendly solutions for years, with an unbelievable success rate.

To industrial business owners: Ecolink understand the hesitance to transition from a formula that has in place for years, sometimes decades, with a one hundred percent performance record. We have conducting tireless research concerning degreasing agents and eco friendly cleaning solutions, and can provide you with overwhelming research and information based on quality studies from world-renowned scientists and professionals. Ecolink promises to find you the right degreasing agent and eco friendly solution that will prove to be as effective, if not more effective than the chemical agent you use now.

Do Industrial Chemical Dealers Need to be EPA & OSHA Compliant?

Present day laws and regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require industrial chemical dealers to be compliant. This was not always the case, but fortunately, with a exorbitant increase in health and safety organizations acting as watchdogs to make sure companies that use potential hazardous chemicals are being regulated, the EPA and OSHA have made it mandatory for industrial chemical dealers to become compliant with federal laws and regulations. Coupled with the fact that there have been severe accidents, ranging from drastic oil spills to chemical plant explosions that have killed people, animals, and have harmed the environment, regulatory committees have had to become stricter about compliancy.

For everyone involved, this should come as good news, except perhaps those businesses who continue to use unsavory practices for cost cutting moves (pertaining to cleaning agents, most eco friendly products are actually cheaper) or because they are afraid that a different product will not produce the same effect. It is good news because green alternatives are usually more cost effective and they are safer. Industrial chemical dealers should also take advantage of the arrival of several green alternatives, as it provides positive publicity. In an age where the media catches everything, and everyone is connected to information through the use of one device or another, companies are under a microscope. If something goes wrong and your company is going to be held responsible, and it places your business in a negative light, everyone will not about it almost immediately. The ramifications of such a terrible event will be irrevocable.

If your company has any questions about EPA or OSHA compliance, they should contact Ecolink. Ecolink is known for keeping informed with any and all updates and changes to compliancy regulations, and companies would do well engaging Ecolink to learn more about what chemical products are allowed or unlawful.

Do you have a technical question about a chemical or one of our products? Just Ask the Chemist!



Industrial Degreasers – Getting Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Several common cleaning products that can be found in homes and are purchased by unsuspecting people contain hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that emit smog-forming chemicals and can be harmful to anyone who comes in contact with the noxious gas. All-purpose cleaners and industrial degreasers, as well as specialty products can pollute indoor air quality and might cause respiratory illness, along with eye and skin irritation to those who are around it frequently, particularly janitorial and other cleaning staffs. Substituting traditional, yet harmful cleaning products for ecofriendly cleaning solutions and safer industrial degreasers improves air quality and protects the health and safety of individuals exposed to the chemicals they emit, as well as the environment.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from cleaning products occur when propellant and organic solvents evaporate. Released chemicals remain in the air for an entire day, and often times longer. For example, in the greater Chicago area, twenty tons of VOCs are released into the air from the use of cleaning products each day. It is estimated that for every one hundred janitors who switch to more environmentally friendly (green) cleaning products, VOC emissions will drop by one ton per year. Studies have also shown that the use of “green” cleaning products reduces the incidents of health problems among janitorial staffs. It has also been proven that green alternative cleaning solutions are less expensive.

Who should get ecofriendly cleaning solutions and safer industrial degreasers? Any person who uses cleaning products at home or work (industrial degreasers) should replace hazardous, VOC emitting degreasers and cleaning products with green alternatives and safer products, such as ecofriendly cleaning solutions. In addition, those who truly care about making a difference with safer degreasers and solvents should join Clean Air Counts—a Chicago region clean air initiative.

The benefits of using low VOC cleaning products include significantly lower emissions of smog-forming chemicals into the air from VOCs, much improved health safety for individuals using these industrial degreasers and solvent products. To those who might still be on the fence regarding these green alternatives or are concerned that these ecofriendly cleaning solutions are more expensive, explain that Low VOC cleaning products have been proven to cost less. Though saving money is quite important, the main reason for switching to ecofriendly cleaning solutions should be to protect people and the environment.

Call 800 886-8240 or email to discuss your current use of industrial degreasers or cleaning solvents. With over 200 products to choose from, including several new formulations not yet listed on the website, we feel certain we can expand upon the savings and safety improvements enjoyed for nearly 20 years. Chemist owned and operated, we offer guaranteed FREE samples, including FREE freight, to evaluate for a RISK-FREE evaluation.