Do Industrial Chemical Dealers Need to be EPA & OSHA Compliant?

Present day laws and regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require industrial chemical dealers to be compliant. This was not always the case, but fortunately, with a exorbitant increase in health and safety organizations acting as watchdogs to make sure companies that use potential hazardous chemicals are being regulated, the EPA and OSHA have made it mandatory for industrial chemical dealers to become compliant with federal laws and regulations. Coupled with the fact that there have been severe accidents, ranging from drastic oil spills to chemical plant explosions that have killed people, animals, and have harmed the environment, regulatory committees have had to become stricter about compliancy.

For everyone involved, this should come as good news, except perhaps those businesses who continue to use unsavory practices for cost cutting moves (pertaining to cleaning agents, most eco friendly products are actually cheaper) or because they are afraid that a different product will not produce the same effect. It is good news because green alternatives are usually more cost effective and they are safer. Industrial chemical dealers should also take advantage of the arrival of several green alternatives, as it provides positive publicity. In an age where the media catches everything, and everyone is connected to information through the use of one device or another, companies are under a microscope. If something goes wrong and your company is going to be held responsible, and it places your business in a negative light, everyone will not about it almost immediately. The ramifications of such a terrible event will be irrevocable.

If your company has any questions about EPA or OSHA compliance, they should contact Ecolink. Ecolink is known for keeping informed with any and all updates and changes to compliancy regulations, and companies would do well engaging Ecolink to learn more about what chemical products are allowed or unlawful.

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