Resin Solvent Spray: Cleaning and Maintenance Solution

From artists crafting their masterpieces to engineers using 3D printers, many industries utilize resin. However, this could become a problem when attempting to remove unwanted resin from your industrial surfaces and equipment. To remove this versatile but stubborn substance, a resin solvent spray is needed. In this blog, we will explain the makeup of this solvent and its uses.  

What is a Resin Solvent Spray?  

Resin is a moldable liquid used in the field of polymer chemistry, and it hardens into a solid that can be used for many things. It can also be found in nature as a gummy substance released from plants to protect themselves from bugs and other dangers. Being as sticky as it is, it can become difficult to remove when used. And so, the solvent spray is used to dissolve and separate resin from various surfaces.  

Where Could I Use a Resin Solvent Spray?  

A product that is used to dissolve resin has plenty of applications. Here are a few common uses:  

  • Dissolving plant resin from lawn/garden tools  
  • Removing resin from your hands/arms  
  • Cleaning 3D printers without damaging them  

There are a variety of different sprays that can be used and even alternatives that are more environmentally friendly and safer to use.  

Types of Resin Solvents  

Which spray you use will depend on what you are removing the resin from. Most resin solvents contain a chemical solvent that works as an active dissolving agent. Some resin solvents are more effective, but harsher than others. For example, isopropyl alcohol can be used as a resin solvent spray for removing tougher resin but requires a bit more protective gear to keep you safe. On the other hand, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) are generally safer to handle due to their lower flammability and volatility, but may not be as effective.   

Where Can I Buy a Resin Solvent Spray?  

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