Exploring Algaecide Chemicals for Effective Treatment  

No matter the products that they produce or how many consumers they provide for, every industry utilizes water for its industrial applications. This natural resource, although greatly effective, is prone to contamination from various substances, one example is algae. Algae, though stubborn, can be eliminated through algaecide. In this blog, we will explain all you need to know about this classification of chemicals   

What Causes Algae to Grow?  

Though it is commonly thought of as growing primarily in lakes and ponds, algae can be found in many different industrial settings as well. Water treatment facilities that use equipment to hold large amounts of water may be a perfect environment for algae to grow if the conditions are optimal. These include factors such as:  

  • Sunlight  
  • High nutrient levels  
  • Stagnant or low-flowing water  
  • Hotter temperatures  
  • Lack of airflow or circulation  

How Can Algae Be Treated?  

When algae are found growing in excess, there is one method that is frequently used to keep it from spreading: the use of algaecide. These are chemicals that will kill off the algae. Typically, these treatments need to occur regularly, and it may be beyond the scope of just using an algaecide chemical if the algae has grown in abundance. However, it is an effective way of treating algae that grows on the surface of the water in, for example, your treatment equipment.  

What are Some Examples of Algaecide Chemicals?  

There are a wide variety of algaecides that you can buy from many different sources, depending on your needs. The most commonly contain ingredients like copper sulfate, which is highly soluble in water, or sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, which is used as an oxidizer to target algae. Since they are often used in or near bodies of water, some of these chemicals may bring harm to aquatic ecosystems. Luckily, there is a big market for “green” algaecides that are not as harmful to fish and wildlife.

How Can I Learn More About Algaecides?  

We here at Ecolink are more than happy to answer this question for you and more! We are an experienced and dedicated company that has supplied chemical products to many industries for more than three decades. In addition to our high-quality and eco-conscious, we also provide informative blogs and free chemical consolations. Contact us today for any more information that you may need!