Resin Remover Spray: Efficient Cleaning Solution for Industrial Use  

Resin can be both naturally occurring and synthetically made. It is a viscous substance: when cured, it becomes a rigid polymer-like substance. There are many industrial applications for resin, and also many types of resins. In this blog, we will discuss how helpful it can be to have a resin remover spray on hand while the resin is applied.    

What is a resin used for?  

There are multiple different types of resin:  

  • Polyester resins  
  • Phenolic resins  
  • Alkyd resins  
  • Polycarbonate resins  
  • Polyamide resins  
  • Polyurethane resins  
  • Silicone resins  
  • Epoxy resins  
  • Polyethylene resins  
  • Acrylic resins  
  • Polystyrene resins  
  • Polypropylene resins  

Each of these resins has their own uses. Acrylic resins are used for coating and adhesives, while polypropylene resins for toys and electronic components. Although these resins are used for many applications, a resin remover spray would still be helpful in situations where they are present.  

Why choose a resin remover spray?  

A spray resin remover makes any resin removal easier; it can be more effective in industrial settings than other resin removers. In industrial settings where a lot of resin is present, it is a priority to have a type of remover on hand since excess resin can lead to equipment shutdown. 

One example of an efficient resin remover here at Ecolink is Ecolink 4005 (A). This product is an aerosol solvent degreaser made from a combination of Trans-1,2 dichloroethylene (t-DCE) and a low GWP, non-flammable Hydrofluoroether (HFE). Ecolink 4005 (A) is compatible with all metals, non-metals, elastomers, and composites. It is an excellent product for precision cleaning. It also comes with multiple applications: being an excellent solvent for aerosol formulations.   

The benefits of using Ecolink 4005 (A) over other removal sprays are listed below.  

  • Low GWP  
  • Non-ozone depleting  
  • Non-flammable  
  • Non-hazardous  
  • Non-toxic  
  • Safe replacement for nPB and TCE  

Looking for more resin remover options?  

If you are looking for more options, you have come to the right place! Ecolink strives to provide our customers with eco-friendly and effective cleaning products. If you would like to browse through the selections that we offer, then click here! If you have any questions about our products or trouble deciding which product would be best for you, click here to talk to one of our expert chemists today! They will answer any questions you have and are just a click away!