Common Uses For Pharmaceutical Grade Hexane

Pharmaceutical grade hexane is a high purity grade of hexane also referred to as food-grade hexane that is available in purity levels as high as 99% with very minimal impurities. In addition to high purity, other benefits of pharmaceutical grade hexane are a low boiling point, minimal odor, low toxicity, and no poisonous fumes. For these reasons pharmaceutical grade hexane is a commonly used solvent for uses ranging from food production to cleaning. If your business is looking for a versatile, low toxicity solvent, pharmaceutical grade hexane may be the perfect solvent for you. In addition to being versatile and safe to use, hexane is also affordable and offered in bulk quantities from suppliers like Ecolink. So what are some common uses for bulk supplies of pharmaceutical grade hexane?

  • Oil Extraction – High purity hexane is often used in a process called extraction where oil is pulled from products like seeds, olives, and vegetables to create cooking oils. Hexane’s fast evaporation rate and low boiling point make it a perfect solvent for this process.
  • Adhesive Manufacturing – Hexane is a popular solvent ingredient in the production of adhesives and glues.
  • Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing – Hexane is also a great degreasing agent that can be used to dissolve oil and clean industrial machinery to prevent build up from oil or grease after use.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Hexane has become a popular solvent in the pharmaceutical industry, used to manufacture products like tablet molds.

Looking to Buy Pharmaceutical Grade Hexane? 

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