Is Hexane A Good Solvent For Oil Extraction?

Oil extraction is a process in which a solvent is used to pull oil out of organic substances such as seeds, olives, fruits, or nuts, but is hexane a good solvent for extraction? Hexane is a preferred solvent for extracting oil for food uses for many reasons including low toxicity, low boiling point, and affordability. In addition to being a great option for oil extraction, hexane is also widely used as a cleaning agent in many different industries. If your business is in need of an affordable, versatile, low toxicity solvent for extraction, you should consider implementing the use of hexane. 

Benefits of Using Hexane for Extraction

  • Low Toxicity – Hexane is a fairly non-toxic compound that does not produce poisonous fumes. For this reason, hexane is safe to use in the production of food products, including oil extraction.
  • Low Boiling Point – Hexane also has a low boiling point at 154.4 degrees fahrenheit (68 degrees Celsius) which aides in the extraction process, as extraction involves boiling the subject in a solvent in order to collect oil.
  • Affordability – Hexane is available is bulk quantities from providers like Ecolink, which helps you cut overall costs.
  • Versatility – In addition to being great for extraction, hexane is used for many other purposes including industrial cleaning and degreasing, and the production of products like leather, glue, paints, and stain removers.

Do you Think Hexane is a Good Solvent for your Needs?  

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