Why Buy Bulk Hexane Solvent?

Hexane solvent is commonly used across a multitude of industries for purposes such as a cleaning agent, solvent, and additive ingredient in manufactured products. Any industry that uses large amounts of hexane solvent to either produce goods or clean their machinery would inevitably need to have a large supply of hexane on hand at all times, and for this reason should find a reliable bulk supplier. Buying in bulk will provide your business with the added benefits of always having product on hand while saving money and cutting down cost of materials, as bulk supplies are available at more affordable rates than standard quantities. If you feel your business could benefit from buying in bulk, you should consider working with an affordable, reliable, and environmentally conscious bulk chemical supplier, like Ecolink.

Who Should Consider Bulk Hexane Solvent from Ecolink? 

  • Oil Extraction – Extraction is the process of extracting oils from goods like olives, sunflower seeds, vegetables, or fruits to create cooking oils. Hexane works great for this process due to its high evaporation rate and low boil point which is optimal for successful extraction. If your business is oil extraction, bulk hexane would greatly benefit you.
  • Manufacturing – Many manufactured products like leather, adhesives, and silicon molds use hexane as an additive ingredient in production which would require a large bulk supply.
  • Industrial Cleaning – Hexane works great as an industrial cleaner and degreaser for manufacturing machinery. Hexane effectively dissolves oils and evaporates quickly making it the perfect cleaner to prevent build up and keep machinery in running order.

Shopping for Hexane?

If you are interested in purchasing hexane solvent for your business, we can help. Ecolink is a long time provider of bulk chemicals and solvents that is committed to environmentally friendly practices and offering a selection of green chemicals and solvents. Shop Hexane here or contact us today for more information.