MIL PRF 680C Type V Replaces MIL PRF 680B Type II

MIL PRF 680C Type V Replaces MIL PRF 680B Type II

Ecolink Inc is pleased to announce their exclusive distinction as the only approved alternative to MIL PRF 680B Type II. MIL PRF 680C  Type V is a low VOC alternative that complies with the most stringent air emission standards and will be sold under the trade name of Ecolink 250-SS.

Please call 800 886-8240 or CONTACT US to learn more about how this material can be used in critical applications where VOC compliance and air emission standards do not allow the use of MIL PRF 680B Type II.

MIL PRF 680 Type II Cannot be Used in the Following Areas:

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MIL PRF 680 C – Type V – to download a PDF copy

Contec Wipes, Contec Wipers & Contec Prosat Available from Ecolink

Contec Wiper - Contec Prosat - Cleanroom

Do you buy Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes, or Contec Prosat?

Save time & money with Ecolink Inc. – Mention “April Blog” for special pricing

ECOLINK is an authorized Contec cleanroom distributor of Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes, Contec Prosat and their comprehensive line of innovative, quality manufactured products which support surface preparation applications in aerospace, automotive, clean room and general industry. These products include presaturated wipes, abrasive scrubs, microdenier products, tack cloths, gloves, mopping systems and other specialty products.  

Contec Wipes


  • Paint preparation
  • Sealant and adhesive preparation
  • Dirt, grease and oil removal
  • Composite surface wiping (non-shredding, hybrid fabrics available)
  • Field service and repair

  • Solvent emissions reduction up to 40%
  • Up to 40% reduction in hazardous waste
  • Improved worker and environmental safety
  • Reduced fire hazard from spilled or atomized solvents
  • Improved productivity
  • Overall reduction in total costs of the wiping process
  • SAT wipes can be provided with virtually any solvent, cleaner, degreaser, and dispenses from center-pull rolls in a self-closing, reusable canister. or

Ecolink Inc. – #1 Contec Cleanroom Distributor

For over 15 years, Ecolink Inc. ranks as a top tier Contec cleanroom distributor of Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes, and Contec Prosat. We value our long-standing supply agreements with Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney and eager to expand the number of Contec customers we can save $ and time. Unlike other wipe, wiper and cleanroom distributors, we deliver multiple products and services so you have fewer calls, emails to make and take; dramatically reduce accounting burden with different PO’s, payment terms, financial accounting systems; save $ on the product and delivery costs.

Contec Prosat

We specialize in hassle-free, rapid response service and guarantee a FREE quote within 24 hours + always provide tracking information so there is no guessing when or if you will receive your Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes or Contec Prosat. Scan all of the on-line catalogs and call us when you are ready to shop & save. Time is money; you will save both buying from us. Paul Effler Jr. is your Contec product specialist.
Call 800 886-8240 ext. 7 or email

Contec Wipers – available at

Contec Wipes – available at
Contec PROSAT – available at

Genesolv HCFC 141b – Replacement Options for Cleaning Gauges

HCFC 141b is still available!

If you were using Honeywell’s Genesolv 2000 or 2004 and are not able to source HCFC 141b, please call 800 886-8240 or email

HCFC 141b is SCAQMD compliant and works especially well for cleaning non-oxygen system gauges used in lubricating and hydraulic service such as on submarines. A common method to clean these types of gauges involves a piece of equipment specifically designed to clean gauges with a liquid solvent and then remove the residual solvent using a vacuum pump. The solvent is pumped into the gauge and circulated. The residual liquid is then removed using a vacuum pump. The vacuum removal process lowers the pressure inside the gauge enough to make the solvent liquid vaporize and be removed as a gas. The machine then collects the spent liquid solvent in a container. 3M’s HFE-71DE, NSN 6850-01-459-0069 is also approved for this type of cleaning application. If you are not fully satisfied with cleaning performance, cost, service, etc. for sourcing and cleaning with HFE-71DE, please call or email us to discuss your technical requirements and where HCFC 141b can satisfy your critical cleaning needs.

HCFC 141b is ‘the’ solvent where the following conditions are mission critical:

  • The solvent must work in an existing gauge-cleaning machine. (Liquids that are in the gauge must be vaporized for removal.)
  • The solvent must not be flammable or combustible.
  • The solvent must not generate a hazardous waste when spent.

Attention all users of Honeywell Genesolv® SF, Genesolv® S-TZ & Genesolv® S-T

Please call 800 886-8240 or email to discuss cost effective alternatives. The Genesolve S series are very costly materials and ‘may’ be used in less than critical cleaning applications. As HCFC 141b supplies continue to dwindle the list of alternatives continue to expand. There is no one size fits all that meets cleaning performance, environmental/health/safety and cost-benefit criteria. Whether you are in a bulk or aerosol cleaning application, we strongly recommend matching the value of the cleaner to the value of the part, equipment, and/or labor.

NMP Solvent – Acetone Replacement for Fiberglass Tools and Spray Guns

NMP Solvent – 3 reasons to replace acetone for cleaning fiberglass tools and spray guns

Attention all fiberglass boat builders (SIC Code: 3732), and boat repair (SIC Code: 449304) NOW is the time to stop using acetone in the cleaning operation for fiberglassing tools and spray guns.

  1. As much as 50% of acetone is lost due to evaporation
  2. get rid of  a static ignition hazard in your work area from this volatile substance (flashpoint of –15 degrees Fahrenheit).
  3. Waste acetone was shipped through a hazardous waste hauler.

By switching to Safe Strip, an NMP (N-methyl pyrollidone) based solvent with a flashpoint of 201 degrees Fahrenheit for general cleaning and gun flushing. Safe Strip, same as most NMP-based solvents, is recycled via commercial recycling equipment or by recycling service providers who conduct distillation on-site. Very little Safe Strip is lost due to volatilization, and companies can expect an estimated 90% recovery rate.

One fiberglass boat builder of 20′ to 45′ long boats consumed 2,250 gallons per year of virgin acetone resulting in 1,260 gallons per year of waste acetone manifested. Their savings resulted from improved cleaning efficiency of purchasing 2-3 x 55-gal drums of NMP solvent over 40-50 x 55-gal drums of acetone/year. Less drums in yields less drums out (20-25x) + virtually no lose in the process as opposed to 50% evaporation loss with acetone. Bottom line = 40% annual savings

Don’t be fooled by acquisition costs of commodity chemicals such as acetone. When you aggregate all the cost points associated with chemicals the ‘cost of ownership’ averages 3-5x the purchase price. By buying less, handling less, disposing and handling less you can improve your bottom line, your worker’s health and save a LOT of time and risk. We want to help you succeed. Call 800 886-8240 or email for a FREE Sample. Switch to Safe Strip & Save right away. Your employees and wallet will thank you for it!

spray guns




Daraclean 282 Conforms to BAC 5763

Ecolink Inc is a long-time distributor of Daraclean Aqueous Cleaners. Daraclean 282 replaced MagnSolve 11 and Daraclean 282NF — 2 of 18 Daraclean products that were either replaced (renamed) or made obsolete.  Call 800 886-8240 or email to order hassle-free and save $. We guarantee a response within 24 hours.

DARACLEAN®282: Aqueous Alkaline Cleaner Discount Code = “April Blog” to save 10% + FREE shipping

DARACLEAN 282 Conforms to BAC 5763