Finding the Right Chemical Cleaner Dealer

Those who have been involved in the industrial cleaning solvent industry for a long time can tell you that finding the right chemical dealer is as important as finding the appropriate chemicals to use regarding the cleaning of metals and other materials. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and negligence with some chemical dealers, because they do not keep their business up to date on the latest findings concerning chemical compounds in the makeup of cleaning solvents. The key is to find a reputable company that makes it a priority to know everything concerning industrial cleaning products and degreasers, and can provide detailed information on the products and solvents that are hazardous, as well as what green alternative options are available.

A chemical dealer, such as Ecolink, will be up to date on all the research and latest findings regarding which chemicals have been listed as dangerous or safe. The entity will also be more than happy to not only explain, in detail, what compounds are included in their chemical makeup, but will also provide explicit literature on all the products they offer. Most importantly, professional and reputable chemical dealers will discuss with you green alternatives and eco friendly options regarding your need for chemical solvents. The numerous benefits to eco friendly cleaning solutions far outweigh the desire for companies to stay loyal to degreasers and solvents that are harmful to the environment and to themselves.

Sound and ethical chemical dealers should be able and willing to explain the positives to switching to green alternatives. Because most eco friendly solutions are actually more efficient in cleaning metals and materials, as well as being less expensive in most cases, there really is no longer a reason why people and companies should be using older industrial cleaning products.

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Eco Friendly Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

As frightening as the concept is today, there was a time when little research was applied to finding out whether chemical usage as it pertains to cleaning solvents and degreasing solutions used on metals and specific materials were harmful to those using the chemicals and to the environment. Thankfully, more scientists are making education regarding chemical compounds used as cleaning agents a priority. This is because the alarming rate of people who were exposed to the chemical agents were either becoming sick, or worse, contracting cancer cells. Recent research has revealed that many industrial cleaning products are, in fact, dangerous when coming in contact with the users skin, inhaled, or prolonged exposure.

This alarming information has caused a scare to companies who use industrial cleaning products, and to employees who use them on a daily basis. Because the word is out on the dangers to these toxic chemical found in cleaning solutions, companies such as Ecolink have made it a priority to research, inform, introduce, and offer eco friendly industrial cleaning chemicals. Workers should be informed of the types of chemicals they are exposing themselves to, and whether they are hazardous. Moreover, if they are indeed hazardous, these workers have the right to seek out eco friendly industrial cleaning solutions. If you are a business owner or decision maker, it is imperative to offer your employees green alternatives and eco friendly industrial cleaning chemicals.

Companies would do well to follow suit, and begin practices that Ecolink has been conducting for years now – providing information on green alternatives and offering eco friendly industrial cleaning solutions to the public. Concerning any industry involved in the use of industrial cleaning solvents and degreasers, it is the right of the workers to be informed of, and demand the usage of eco friendly industrial cleaning chemicals. Ecolink is more than happy to provide this information, along with introducing green alternatives to improve safety.

MSDS Solvents – Discover Green Cleaning Solutions

The benefits of using a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) goes a long way to ensuring you are using a safe chemical product. A Material Safety Data Sheet is a detailed document containing specific information on the potential hazards of using certain chemically induced products. Some of these hazards include flammability, health risks, the reactivity of a product (is it stable of unstable, will it combust), as well as any negative environmental effects. The MSDS document also contains information of the use, storage options, proper handling, and emergencies procedures is something should happen while maintaining the chemical product—all information here is related to the hazards of the material. The supplier or manufacturer of the chemical product prepares material Safety Data Sheets, so the user can be properly informed about the product he or she is about to use.

Safety-firstEveryone who handles potentially dangerous chemicals needs an MSDS because it help them find green solutions or alternatives, instead of having to expose themselves to dangerous and hazardous chemicals. For example, in Canada, every material that is controlled by the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) must be accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet that is specific to each individual product or material. Employers need to make sure that all controlled chemical products have a constantly updated MSDS. This is because the marketplace is seeing more green solutions arriving on the scene, which means the amount of safer chemical alternatives is increasing.

MSDS Solvents assist in the finding of green solutions, which is a practice all individuals and companies should explore if they are in the habit of using chemical solvents. Safety should be the primary factor, especially when the green solutions coming out are proving to be as capable ­– usually even showing to be a more efficient alternative – than older industrial chemical solvents.

Ecolink is a company that specializes in finding green solutions for people and companies who regularly use MSDS solvents. Call Ecolink to learn more about MSDS solvents and how to find green solution in case you or your company happen to be using hazardous and unsafe chemical materials.

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N-Propyl Bromide – MSDS Approved Solvents

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently had an update regarding the Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS approved Solvents, among the topic of conversation was the compound chemical N-Propyl Bromide, which is increasingly being used as a drop in replacement for heavily regulated and banned substances such as perchloroethylene, TCE, and TCA. N-Propyl Bromide is commonly formulated in metal degreasers, industrial cleaning degreasers, degreasing solvents, and nonflammable degreasers. New information concerning hazardous materials is constantly emerging as the efficiency of research is consistently improving. In addition, as this cycle continues, more concerns arise regarding the reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, and carcinogenicity of the chemicals used in cleaning solutions and industrial solvents.

A recent review by an esteemed scientist revealed the disparity on the permissable exposure limits (PEL) recommended by chemical manufacturers as it pertains to N-Propyl Bromide. There are certain workplace exposure guidelines in place for almost every chemical, and it is important the precise research into exposure is frequently conducted to make sure people are not putting themselves in harms way when using these chemicals. As of right now, N-Propyl Bromide is considered not carcinogenic, and is still considered an MSDS approved solvent. However, based on the scientist’s conclusion, due to the disparity of opinion among those who have researched the chemical compound, a more thorough look into N-Propyl Bromide is needed soon to ensure that the chemical can remain on the list of MSDS approved solvents.

Companies such as Ecolink are ready and able to provide consumers with as much detailed information needed regarding the safety or hazard of using chemical solutions, including N-Propyl Bromide. Ecolink is a valuable source of information, as they deal regularly in informing those who wish to ensure they, or the company for which they are employed is using the safest chemical compounds on the market today. Call Ecolink  (800-563-1305) to get the latest information on industrial chemicals and MSDS approved solvents, including N-Propyl Bromide.

Are There Safety & Disposal Concerns with Commercial Degreasers & Industrial Solvents?

The products used to remove oil, dirt, grease, or alternative types of contaminants from a surface during refinishing, cleaning or manufacturing processes create several concerns. Commercial degreasers can consist of a number of organic or non-organic volatile components and the choices a company makes in this area are important. A volatile organic compound or VOC is capable of experiencing a significant amount of pressure under normal temperature conditions and is easily released into the surrounding atmosphere. This extensive amount of pressure is a result of the low boiling point properties of a chosen solvent or degreaser. Cleaners with this property easily move from solid to gas form without requiring a change in their surrounding environment. Industrial solvents are able to be inhaled by individuals or released as harmful pollutants into the atmosphere and this makes them extremely dangerous. Recent product innovations greatly reduce the amount of risk and are becoming a better choice for companies who must regularly remove contaminants from surfaces.

What Are the Risks?

Cleaners with high VOC counts generate numerous health concerns when handled or disposed of inappropriately. They have been linked to respiratory and immune system complications as well as found to be a contributor to smog. Prolonged exposure to these compounds can lead to:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Liver Damage
  • Cancer
  • Skin Reactions
  • Coordination Issues
  • Central Nervous System Complications

Improper handling or disposal also causes VOCs to enter the air and affect the environment. The penetration of water sources, soil, or air by hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) can result in consumption by humans, animals, or plant life. These are the reasons for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommending that companies purchase and use products with minimal to low VOC counts.

What Characteristics Should Be Pursued In a Cleaner?

It is important to evaluate the purpose behind a commercial degreaser or industrial solvent and the usage period before making a selection. Companies who consistently use these products must be careful during the selection process as an increased amount of VOCs will naturally be emitted based on the chosen degreaser or solvent. Specific characteristics are essential before buying a product for long term use to ensure a safer working atmosphere and reduce environmental impact. The chosen solution should be an organic alternative designed to remove the desired type of contaminant. Despite popular belief, organic solutions are just as capable of supplying the same results as more toxic choices.

The selected product must have the lowest VOC count possible to limit the amount of vapors released into the atmosphere. Companies unable to use an organic alternative will be served best to seek a solution that is as safe as possible for the atmosphere. A higher flash point poses fewer dangers during storage and use when a flammable solution is necessary. Companies requiring a degreaser or solvent must take time to evaluate these properties to prevent future harm to their workers or the environment.

Industrial cleaners are necessary in a number of industries and play a pivotal safety role. For more information about environmentally friendly, low VOC products, please call (800) 886-8240 or email