n Propyl Bromide Solvent Information

How to Reduce Exposure to CAS 106-94-5 n-PB, 1-Bromopropane

Solvent Substitution – Using Safer Alternatives

Lenium ESThe best way to reduce exposure is to switch to products that do not contain n-Propyl Bromide, nPB. There are lots of nonflammable solvents with high Kb values that do not require stabilizers, alkalinity testing and frequent, expensive disposal costs. Whether bulk or aerosol, Ecolink will cuContec SAT Wipesstom fit your degreasing solvent to meet budget, safety profile and regulatory compliance (EPA, OSHA) Call 888-996-8436 ext 125 or email.

Using Less n-Propyl Bromide

Whether solvent or aqueous cleaning, using less is smart business and keeps your workers oensolvut of harms way. Keeping containers and equipment (lid on vapor degreasing unit) closed between uses and converting to pre-saturated wipes from nPB solvent soaked rags and keeping rags or pre-sat wipes sealed in an airtightcontainer. For aerosol applications, you may encounter CRC® or LPS®. We offer lots of custom options including bigger can size, more useable content (less propellant) blends. You can even name the product if you’d like!


Personal Protection – Ventilation, Respiratory and Skin Protection

Local exhaust ventilation is most effective to capture contaminated air at the source before nPBelectric solvent can spread into your breathing zone. Next best is general ventilation or a superdegreaserfan-powered system to bring fresh air into work area as open doors and windows provide very little ventilation. Anoflash half face respirator with organic vapor cartridge and/or mist pre-filter cartridges are recommended, NOT dust nosolvemasks. Wear chemical protective clothing  such as gloves, aprons and protective gloves for skin protection.