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ECOLINK is an authorized Contec cleanroom distributor of Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes, Contec Prosat and their comprehensive line of innovative, quality manufactured products which support surface preparation applications in aerospace, automotive, clean room and general industry. These products include presaturated wipes, abrasive scrubs, microdenier products, tack cloths, gloves, mopping systems and other specialty products.  

Contec Wipes


  • Paint preparation
  • Sealant and adhesive preparation
  • Dirt, grease and oil removal
  • Composite surface wiping (non-shredding, hybrid fabrics available)
  • Field service and repair

  • Solvent emissions reduction up to 40%
  • Up to 40% reduction in hazardous waste
  • Improved worker and environmental safety
  • Reduced fire hazard from spilled or atomized solvents
  • Improved productivity
  • Overall reduction in total costs of the wiping process
  • SAT wipes can be provided with virtually any solvent, cleaner, degreaser, and dispenses from center-pull rolls in a self-closing, reusable canister. or

Ecolink Inc. – #1 Contec Cleanroom Distributor

For over 15 years, Ecolink Inc. ranks as a top tier Contec cleanroom distributor of Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes, and Contec Prosat. We value our long-standing supply agreements with Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney and eager to expand the number of Contec customers we can save $ and time. Unlike other wipe, wiper and cleanroom distributors, we deliver multiple products and services so you have fewer calls, emails to make and take; dramatically reduce accounting burden with different PO’s, payment terms, financial accounting systems; save $ on the product and delivery costs.

Contec Prosat

We specialize in hassle-free, rapid response service and guarantee a FREE quote within 24 hours + always provide tracking information so there is no guessing when or if you will receive your Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes or Contec Prosat. Scan all of the on-line catalogs and call us when you are ready to shop & save. Time is money; you will save both buying from us. Paul Effler Jr. is your Contec product specialist.
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