Ice Harbor Dam Hydroelectric Generator Maintenance

Ice Harbor Dam Approaches 20th anniversary with Ecolink Inc.


Ecolink Inc. recognizes the engineering, maintenance and environmental, health and safety staff at the Ice Harbor Lock and Dam for their continued support of our maintenance repair and overhaul cleaning compounds used to maintain their (3) three 90-megawatt units and (3) three 111-megawatt units for an installed power generating capacity of 603 megawatts and maximum capacity of 693 megawatts.

Safety and Environmental Protection at Ice Harbor Lock and Dam

With large hydroelectric generators almost 50 years old, our products Electron and Heavyweight have been ‘on the job’ for nearly 20 years. We  greatly appreciate the loyalty and applaud the commitment of the US Army Corp of Engineers to the safety and protection of their employees, the Snake River and Lake Sacajawea.

Special Offer for Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Employees

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About Ice Harbor Lock and Dam

Map of Washington highlighting Walla Walla County


Ice Harbor Lock and Dam is a hydroelectric, concrete, gravity dam on the Snake River in Walla Walla and Franklin counties in the U.S. state of Washington. The dam is located 8 miles (13 km) northeast of the town of Burbank and 12 miles (20 km) east of Pasco, river mile 9.2. Its name comes from a tiny bay in the river where boats once tied up to wait for upstream ice-jams to break up.[2]

Construction began in June 1955. The main structure and three generators were completed in 1961, with an additional three generators finished in 1976. Generating capacity is 603 megawatts, with an overload capacity of 693 MW. The spillway has ten gates and is 590 feet (180 m) long.

Ice Harbor Dam is part of the Columbia River Basin system of dams.

Inside the Dam on the South side of the river is a large visitor center that has been recently updated to include a new film “The Snake – River of Life” and a new modern interactive touch screen kiosk with information on the dam and recreational opportunities in the area. The visitor center also offers an excellent fish ladder viewing room where you can sit and observe the migration of Salmon, Steelhead, and Shad. Due to security, visitors must pass through the security gate to gain access.

Lake Sacajawea, named for Sacajawea, is formed behind the dam. The lake stretches to the base of Lower Monumental Dam, 32 miles (50 km) upstream. The Wallula Channel, formed from the backup of Snake River entering the Columbia River just southeast of Pasco, runs 10 miles (16 km) downstream from the base of the dam.