Ecolink Collaborates to Promote Hazardous Source Reduction Globally

Hazardous Waste Minimization

October 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Ecolink’s sustainable operations. The company was founded in response to the Montreal Protocol and the ban of Class 1 Ozone Depleting Solvents and other toxic industrial chemicals. As we embark on our next 20 years of serving the need for less, safer and compliant chemicals, we enlisted the help of other like-minded organizations and individuals.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 – Valentine’s Day officially kicked off the beginning of our next chapter. We have worked closely with American Marketing Association (AMA-Atlanta) in support of GA DECA a high school marketing program with more than 10,000 students participating. Last Friday, we successfully recruited three AMA collegiate members for new product launch internships that run through April 22nd – Earth Day.

I am pleased to introduce our 3 very talented interns – Chance Hood, Courtney Rivkind and Jackie Hooper. Each intern will promote two brand new distributed products through our alliance partners: Randolph Products, Nugentec and Hubbard Hall respectively. We will emphasize social media as the primary way of accelerating exposure and engagement of these new strategic relationships and their unique products mutually selected. Each intern has 8 digital profiles and 2 merchandise promotions to design, implement and integrate. The intern who accumulates a combined score of most page views, on-page social sharing and return-on-investment (leads generated, quotes, samples, sales) will earn an extra $1,000 + donate $100 to their favorite charity.


 Chance Hood is a 2nd year MBA student at Mercer University (Atlanta) expecting to graduate in May 2012. A 26 years old originally from Alabama, Chance graduated with a BBA in Marketing from The University of Montevallo in 2008. Chance has worked in restaurant/hospitality industry and as a licensed outside sales insurance agent before enrolling in Enterprise Rent a Car’s management trainee program where he worked for the largest stand-alone branch in region.  While in his MBA program at Mercer University, Chance has maintained a 4.0 GPA and completed a sales strategy internship with Silverpop.  Chance is tasked with promoting Ecolink’s entree into the world of mil-spec paints and coatings and working closely with the business development team at Randolph Products. How can Randolph Products reduce hazardous waste? By specializing as the largest produce of the smallest batches of paints, coatings and primers an by offering super low (4 gallon) minimum quantities for legacy mil-spec paints & coatings that typically require 20 gallon minimum order with a high % of unopened paint getting buried in landfills. (I’ve witnessed more than my share during 13 years of auditing facilities). 

Please visit Chance’s two product pages and Like, Tweet, Digg, Google +, etc. [especially if you are family, friend, Mercer alumni, professor, fellow student] and help Chance make the most of his internship at Ecolink and also earn an extra $1,000 + $100 for charity:



Courtney_EcolinkCourtney Rivkind is currently a junior in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance and Film Media Management. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Courtney created her own entertainment company, DJ Courtney Enterprises, in 2009 to provide entertainment and marketing services for the Atlanta area while also working regularly as a disc jockey at major clubs and student events. Through organizing and marketing events for over 2,000+ attendees, Courtney learned to not only market herself but help people succeed in fast paced environments. Not afraid to perform in front of large crowds, Courtney constantly uses her creative side to come up with new and fresh ideas to help promote events. Courtney is working in our high-tech market segments (Media Storage, Heads, Wafers, Semiconductors, Photovoltaic Cells (Solar Cells), Precision Optics, Printed Circuit Boards) alongside the technical sales staff at our California-based alliance partner, Nugentec, who offer custom solutions, packaging and MSDS authoring. How can Nugentec reduce hazardous waste?By reclaiming very expensive fluorinated solvents commonly used for oxygen cleaning, vapor degreasing and as heat transfer fluids. In addition, they have a very successful track record brokering surplus materials as part of an industrial material exchange program. Please visit Courtney’s two product pages and Like, Tweet, Digg, Google +, etc. [especially if you are family, friend, Emory alumni, professor, fellow student] and help Courtney make the most of her internship at Ecolink and also earn an extra $1,000 + $100 for charity:



 Jackie Hooper Jackie_Ecolinkis a senior marketing major at Georgia College & State University where she serves as the VP of membership for her collegiate American Marketing Association chapter. Enthusiastic about the environment and sustainability as well as marketing and social media, Jackie feels extremely privileged to be able to combine the two into a valuable experience! Jackie will represent Hubbard Hall, the oldest privately help chemical company in the US with more than 5,000 commodity chemicals and an additional 1,000 specialty aqueous solutions, corrosion inhibitors, conversion coating and wastewater treatment. Jackie will work closely with Hubbard Hall’s distributor program manager to increase market share in select geographic markets within US. How can Hubbard Hall reduce hazardous waste? With more than 160 years of knowledge of chemistry, manufacturing ‘and’ regulatory compliance, Hubbard Hall maintains an extensive knowledge base of  solved chemical-related problems. They also have tremendous technical bench strength for new product development.

Please visit Jackie’s two product pages and Like, Tweet, Digg, Google +, etc. [especially if you are family, friend, Georgia College & State University alumni, professor, fellow student] and help Jackie make the most of her internship at Ecolink and also earn an extra $1,000 + $100 for charity: