Low VOC Corrosion Protection Replaces Cosmoline, Nitrites and Primary Amines

Super Rust Inhibitors Now Available

Reduce your overall expenses for corrosion protection while enjoying medium-term (up to 15 days) to long-term (up to 60 days) corrosion protection per ASTM D-2247 without all the side effects from antiquated and poorly engineered rust preventatives.

Corrosion Protection










Replace Cosmoline for Corrosion Protection

While Cosmoline provides protection against corrosion, the product itself is very thick, and hard to use. Because of the product thickness, you experience excessive dragout using Cosmoline, resulting in heavy product usage.

Replace sodium nitrite rust inhibitors

Next, replace traditional sodium nitrite rust inhibitors that are toxic in concentrated form. Sodium nitrite is a strong oxidizing agent with a risk of fire or explosion in contact with other materials.

Solution? Water-based Emulsion Corrosion Inhibitors

water emulsifiable rust preventative

Water-based emulsion corrosion inhibitors provides comparable protection as water-displacing oil and improves salt spray results + lower down time by dumping every five (5) days instead of every two (2) days. Their thin/waxy protective film can be easily removed with an alkaline cleaner. Also, enjoy low odor, biodegradability of non mineral oil formulas that leaves an extremely dry thin film when used at room temperature.

Water Emulsifiable Rust Preventatives are well documented as successful final coat after black oxide, zinc or manganese phosphate, bare steel and safer and easier to apply and remove due to lower viscosity than Cosmoline causing a reduction in dragout and overall use of rust preventative products.

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Water displacing oils are not required for outstanding lubricity and corrosion protection.  Instead, after water evaporation, an extremely thin waxy film allows parts to be processed without pre-drying. However, some care should be exercised, however, to prevent too great a carry over of water which would, in time, dilute the wax emulsion resulting in a thinner deposit with lower protective quality. Products are normally used as received but may be diluted with water, in special applications. Water emulsifiable coating will air-dry in a relatively short time and can be shortened by force drying with warm air or in heated spin dryers. To remove coating or if it becomes necessary to reprocess the parts, the coating may be removed in a hot alkaline cleaner or vapor degreaser. * Do not allow bath temperature to exceed 130°F.



  • Outstanding lubricity from biodegradable ester
  • Water-based = Low VOC’s
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Thin protective film
  • Easily removed with alkaline cleaner
  • Low odor 

Operating in VOC Regulated Areas?

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