What is Industrial Solvent Recycling?

If you are currently looking for an environmentally safe way to remove chemical and solvent waste from your industrial facility, you may be wondering what is industrial solvent recycling? Industrial solvent recycling is an environmentally preferred practice of removing chemical and solvent waste from your facility to be cleaned, recycled, and recirculated as usable chemicals and solvents. This practice can be used in place of more hazardous chemical disposal methods. An added bonus of industrial solvent recycling is that it is more cost effective than using disposal services and just as convenient. 

Why Should you Consider Switching to Industrial Solvent Recycling?

  • Save Money – Simply put, recycling is cheaper than traditional disposal and just as convenient. Just like with removal and disposal services, industrial solvent recycling services will come to you to pick up your solvent waste. However, there is less cost involved in recycling than in disposal, which means these extra costs won’t get passed on to you, as the client.
  • Save The Environment – In addition to saving money, recycling solvent waste allows you to do your part in protecting the environment. Recycling is safer for the environment as chemical waste isn’t being disposed of, but rather cleaned so it can be reused and recirculated, reducing the need to produce more new chemical solvents.
  • Prevent Injury and Illness – Traditional disposal of chemical waste exposes many people to harmful fumes that can cause injury and even long term health issues. Recycling involves much less direct contact, making the process safer for everyone involved.

Ready to Learn More About Industrial Solvent Recycling?

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