The History of Recycling

 What is Recycling? 

Recycling is converting or repurposing waste into a new, usable product, allowing its lifespan to provide a variety of uses—eliminating waste. 

The Origin of Recycling  

Due to a lack of resources, this method, recusing/recycling became a common practice. It is said that there is no particular person who can take credit for the process of recycling but the earliest forms of this practice date back to ancient times. With the timeline dating back several centuries ago, the evolution of recycling is drastic.  

Throughout history, different areas of the world have gone about recycling a bit differently due to resources and relativity. 

A Brief Recycling Timeline 

While it is possible to go on and on about the history of recycling, this breakdown will give you a gist of the adaptation and evolvement. It is important to keep in mind that recycling at times (i.e., during war) had to be utilized due to shortages. It is also important to keep in mind that depending on the time and the circumstances, the popularity of recycling fluctuated. 

Origins and Types of Recycling  

  • Recycling of paper 
  • Everyday essentials  
  • Waste removal/processes

The late 1600s-1800s 

  • Upcycling recycled cloth and rags 
  • Collection of waste, metals, and of course, paper

The 1900s 

  • Recycling bins introduced, Green Movement, First Earth Day 
  • Recycling laws were introduced (via Congress due to waste becoming a developing issue) 
  • Reuse and recycling programs  
  • Sortation plants for waste 
  • The trend of single-use items 
  • Incentives for recycling

In Recent Years

  • Reusable bags and cups 
  • Paper products begin to replace plastic 
  • The link between waste and climate change 
  • Recycling of electronics 
  • Banning of plastic bags in certain states 
  • Continued awareness of waste, and the impact it has on the environment 

Why Should You Make A Change? 

You should recycle because it’s a choice that will pay off in the long run! There is no doubt that the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (a phrase created during the 1900s) hold weight and their payout is worth it! 

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