Benefits of Aqueous Based Cleaning Solutions

Aqueous based cleaning solutions are cleaning agents that are water based as opposed to chemical or solvent based, making them less harsh or volatile in comparison to other industrial cleaners. Water based cleaners can be used for several different cleaning purposes and are just as effective as many solvent based cleaning agents. From parts washing to cleaning industrial machinery, there are many highly volatile solvent based cleaners that can be replaced with aqueous based cleaning solutions. In addition to being a safer alternative to solvent based cleaners there are several benefits to be gained from using high quality water based cleaning solutions.

Why Should You Consider Aqueous Based Cleaning Solutions?

  • Cost Effective – One of the many benefits of switching to water based cleaning agents is that they are generally more affordable than chemical based cleaners. Water is a cheaper ingredient than any other chemical or solvent that may be used in cleaning agents, resulting in a more affordable product. Cutting costs and saving money is important to any business, so implementing the use of more affordable cleaners is a great option to consider.
  • Safety – Water based cleaners have fewer harsh ingredients that could harm the user and the environment. Many water based cleaners require little to no safety gear for use and are environmentally friendly.
  • Less Flammable – Water based cleaners have a high flash point, meaning that it takes a much higher temperature to cause these solutions to ignite than solvent based solutions.

Need Aqueous Bases Cleaning Solutions?

If you are interested in learning more about aqueous based cleaning solutions contact Ecolink. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious supplier of cleaning agents both water and solvent based. Ecolink also offers a line of green cleaners that are environmentally safe and preferred. Shop our aqueous products here or for any questions you may have or to get a quote call Ecolink’s knowledgeable customer care team at  800-563-1305.