What Are The Best Metal Cleaning Solvents?

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Finding the right metal cleaning solvents to use for your machinery is very important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, you want to have solvents that are safe to use and effectively clean your equipment, preventing build up and damage. You also want to make sure that if you are cleaning a specific type of metal, like stainless steel, that you are not using a solvent that will cause damage to the metal surface. Another important factor in purchasing metal cleaning solvents is finding a provider that offers a variety of high quality solvents and cleaners, as well as the necessary information to safely use them.  Whether you are looking for solvents to clean and degrease large industrial machinery or stainless steel home appliances, quality is key, and that is exactly what you will receive when shopping for metal cleaning solvents with Ecolink. Ecolink is an environmentally friendly supplier of chemicals and solvents that would be happy to help you find the best solvents for your needs.

  • Alcohol – Alcohol is an effective cleaner and degreaser for large metal machinery in industrial and manufacturing settings. Alcohol is a low VOC solvent (low volatile organic compound) that is safe to use, requiring little safety gear and effectively prevents gumming and build up on machines.
  • Acetone – Much like alcohol, acetone is generally safe to use and is a strong degreaser that can be used to wipe metal machinery clean after use.
  • Green Cleaners – In addition to standard metal cleaning solvents, Ecolink offers several green solvents that are safe for stainless steel, and will not tarnish or dull the appliance’s finish. These green cleaning agents are also safe for the user and cause no harm to the environment.