Chemically treating boiler water

What is the Purpose of Chemically Treating Boiler Water

One of the biggest issues that occur with boilers is the hardening of water, which is the main cause of corrosion of metal and scale buildup in the boiler. It is considered essential to chemically treat boiler water for multiple reasons, including: 

  • To create protection against corrosion 
  • To ensure that there is a continuous transfer of heat 
  • To guarantee that the boiler water is free from impurities 

boiler water

What happens if boiler water is not chemically treated?  

If no chemicals are added to boiler water, corrosive elements, such as calcium and magnesium, can cause a hard scale buildup, which will significantly decrease the efficiency of the boiler by decreasing the flow of water in the boiler pipes, which in turn prevents continuous heat transfer.  

What chemicals can aid in the prevention of these issues?  

There are many different types of chemicals that can be used to treat boiler water, which can include: 

  • Alkalinity raisers 
  • Oxygen scavengers 
  • Amines 

One of the most effective methods to ensure boiler efficiency would be to raise the alkalinity of the boiler water with an alkaline solution, such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, which can be used to keep the pH in a range of around 10 to 15. Keeping high alkalinity will create a protective oxide coating on the interior surface of the metal, which will prevent metal corrosion and buildup of scale or sludge. Sodium hydroxide will even be combined with other chemicals, such as diethyl ethanolamine or sodium nitrite, to further ensure the prevention of metal corrosion and that the alkalinity of the water is kept high.  

Why is sodium hydroxide a good option?  

Sodium hydroxide is a particularly good choice because when combined with a chemical such as diethyl ethanolamine, it will act as an oxygen scavenger, meaning it will bind to free oxygen to inhibit further corrosion and scale buildup. Another factor that must be considered when looking for a chemical to treat boiler water is if it forms carbon dioxide, which can result in other issues, such as the formation of carbonic acid, a corrosive acid. This makes sodium hydroxide the perfect option because it does not result in the formation of carbon dioxide

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