What Does Technical Grade Alcohol Mean

What Does Technical Grade Alcohol Mean?

If you are looking to use alcohol for industrial cleaning or solvent purposes, you may be wondering what does technical grade alcohol mean? When a supplier refers to alcohol as being “technical grade alcohol”,  they simply mean it is not food grade. This grade of alcohol is not to be used for food, drug, or medical purposes, but is perfectly fine for industrial use, general cleaning, and even as a solvent ingredient in various non-food products.

What should technical grade alcohol be used for?

  • General Cleaning – Technical grade alcohol can be used for cleaning a variety of different products and surfaces. Some common uses are as glass cleaner, ink stain removal, mold, and mildew clean up, and cleaning of the metal surface.
  • Industrial Degreasing – Another common use of technical grade alcohol is for industrial cleaning and degreasing. Many manufacturers use technical grade alcohol to degrease and clean their machinery after use to prevent the build-up of debris.
  • Ink Manufacturing – Technical grade alcohol is also a common solvent ingredient used in the production of products like ink for printers, pens, markers, etc.
  • Paint Removal – Technical grade alcohol is also a key ingredient in many paint thinners, or can be used by itself to strip or remove paint from various surfaces.

What does technical grade alcohol mean, and where can it be purchased?

Simply put, technical grade alcohol is isopropyl alcohol that may contain impurities, making it not suitable for food or pharmaceuticals, but perfectly fine for cleaning, degreasing, and other non-food production manners. Ecolink is an environmentally friendly provider of high-quality chemicals and solvents that has the knowledge and experience to help you find exactly what you need. Our customer care team is dedicated to helping you understand what chemicals will work best for your needs, and providing them for an affordable price, in an environmentally conscious manner. If you are looking to purchase technical grade alcohol for industrial or cleaning uses, contact Ecolink.