Boiler Chemicals

What Chemicals Are Used In Boiler Water Treatment? 

What chemicals are used in boiler water treatment? There are a number of chemicals that are used in boiler water treatment and they are all required to be approved by the federal statute that requires adherence to the codes. 

Approved Chemicals For Boiler Water Treatment:

  • Alkalinity 
  • Amines 
  • Phosphates or Polymers 
  • Sulfites 

Alkalinity is used to maintain pH levels above 10.5 to control corrosion. Amines are used to increase pH for condensing boilers to control pipe corrosions. Phosphates and polymers are used to control calcium buildup. Polymers attach to the calcium and phosphates sink the calcium to the bottom of the boiler allowing them to exit via the boilers blowdown valve. 

Sulfites are used to control and eliminate dissolved oxygen which is extremely corrosive and damaging to boiler systems. 

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What Chemicals Are Used In Boiler Water Treatment? 

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