The Pros and Cons of Using Water Based Solvents for Degreasing

Water based solvents are are formulated using water as a base instead of using chemicals as a base. Using water based solvents for degreasing has several practical benefits, but there can also be some drawbacks, depending on the needs of the customer.

If you are considering replacing a chemical based degreaser with one that is water based, take some time to review the following pros and cons that apply using a water based solution. If you have any questions, call the solvent specialists at Ecolink by dialing (800) 563-1305.

Pro: No Emission of Toxic Fumes
Most water based degreasers don’t contain all the dangerous chemicals that are found in conventional degreasers. Consequently, they don’t fill the work environment with toxic fumes.

For many companies, switching to eco friendly, water based degreasers costs far less than maintaining a ventilation system for toxic fumes and providing high-end personal protective equipment (PPE) to those that work in close contact with conventional degreasers.

Con: Must be Stored at Normal Temperatures
Water based solvents often have a higher freezing point than degreasers that contain chemicals that have a low freezing point, if they freeze at all. This means that water based solvents should be stored at normal temperatures in order keep them ready to use. Depending on the characteristics of their buildings, this may present a storage problem for some companies.

Pro: No Need for Special Cleaners
When you use conventional degreasers, you must often use an additional cleaner to remove degreaser residue. Using a non-residue, water based solvent eliminates this situation. Whether you apply them by hand or use them in equipment cleaning systems, water based solvents can be cleaned away with water — a characteristic that helps reduce the use of hazardous cleaners.

Con: Washed Away by Other Liquids
Because other liquids wash them away, water based solvents should ideally be applied in a controlled environment that rainwater cannot reach and doesn’t contain a high level of moisture or condensation.

Most companies have no problem creating a suitable environment for applying water based degreaser. However, a company that perform lots of cleaning operations outdoors, such as an auto salvage yard, may need to schedule their operations around the weather forecast.

Pro: Useful for Degreasing Plastics
Many chemical based solvents have a corrosive effect on plastics that damages their strength and appearance. Water based solvents, on the other hand, are routinely formulated to be harmless to plastic. If you need a degreasing solution for an environment that contains plastics, such as the cabin of an industrial vehicle, water based degreasers are a great choice.

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