Using Aerosol Solvent Degreaser: What are the Benefits?

Most heavy duty degreasers come in one of two forms: liquid and aerosol. Many companies prefer the liquid form because it is easy to purchase in large units, which can help consolidate the supply of degreaser onsite. However, when they work with a degreaser supplier that can deliver a large volume of aerosol solvent degreaser for a price that is comparable to liquid degreaser, there are five good reasons to switch to an aerosol-based solvent degreaser.

Direct Stream Option
Many commercial and industrial aerosol cleaners are available with a direct stream option that lets you concentrate the solution on especially tough to clean areas. Using the direct stream option can also help you conserve degreaser, as the solution is emitted in the form of a single stream instead of a misty cloud of aerosol, some of which may never contact the greasy area.

Dries Quickly
Unlike liquid-based degreasers that coat the area of application with poured liquid, some of which typically drips from the object into a solvent collection system, aerosol-based degreasers dry quickly because they disperse small particles that soon evaporate. Consequently, it may be possible to reduce your monthly solvent disposal costs by switching to an aerosol degreaser.

Reduces Waste
Because aerosol solvent degreaser evaporates quickly, it contributes practically no solvent to the waste solvent disposal system. As mentioned above, this can help you reduce monthly solvent disposal costs. It can also help your company live up to its commitment to preserve the environment through the judicious use of heavy-duty solvent degreaser for all applications.

Reduces Odor
There was a time when it was obvious that a work environment included the use of heavy-duty aerosol degreaser; the product emitted a strong chemical odor that had negative effects on workers. Today, many eco friendly degreasers are formulated to emit little if any obnoxious odor. EcoLink offers a dynamic line of degreasers that are specially formulated to reduce odor upon application.

Easy to Store
It may be easier to consolidate large amounts liquid degreaser than aerosol degreaser, especially when the former is ordered in the form of large barrels. However, cans of aerosol degreaser are actually easier to store onsite due to their relatively small size. In small work environments, storing aerosol degreasers on shelves can make it possible to store the product safely without taking up a single square foot of floor space.

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If you currently use a liquid solvent degreaser, switching to an aerosol solvent degreaser can offer the benefits above. If you would like to switch to an aerosol degreaser, but you need one that supports your company or organization’s eco friendly policies, EcoLink can provide you with a viable replacement solution, such as Ecolink NF-45 Aerosol – Industrial Metal Cleaner.

We offer high-impact aerosol solvent degreaser in large quantities for a variety of degreasing operations, including dielectric cleaning, general equipment maintenance, and specialized parts cleaning. For more information about our eco friendly aerosol solvent degreaser solutions, call us today at (800) 563-1305 for a free consultation, or fill out the contact form on our website.